Another good way to take foorth spottes of greace out of any woolen or linnen.

Take first a little fayre water, all to weate and rubbe therewith the said greacie spots. Then take a quantitye of walkers claye, called Fallers earth, and rub a little therewith your spottes all ouer. Then rubbe and chafe your cloth one upon another, so done, take a siluer spoone or such like thing, and scrape out the said filthie water and greace, and if then it be not all cleane foorth, doe so againe as before is mencioned, and then take a little warme water, & all to weat the sayd place therwith so done. Then wring and scrape it foorth as the other before. Being then cleane, let it be dried and it will be well.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602