To make a sope to take foorth greace or other spots whatsoeuer they be.

Take one pound of roch Allom burned and made into a fine poulder. Also take of the rootes cald flames of florance (so called in Dutch) halfe a pound: then beate it into a poulder. Then take a new layd egge, & of white sope two pounde & a halfe, then blend your poulder and your egge & sope altogether well, and thereof make pellots or bals, & if one egge be not suficient, then take two, or soe much as shall suffice to make your said past withall, and when ye shall haue occasion to take foorth any spotte take first of common water & wash your spottes on both sides withall warme, then take of the said pellots, and rubbe all ouer the spots in the cloth: so done, then wash out the filth with fayre & cleare water & if there remaine some part & be not all cleane, wash it againe as afore is mentioned, till it be all cleane, & so shall ye haue it as faire as before.

Citation Type  Cleaning Recipe
Citation Year 1602