Glossary beginning with Y

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

yardsearch for term
Synonyms: yarde, yeardes, yearde, yards, yeardis, yd, yds, yardes, yairds, yairdis, yerdes, yerds, yerde, yeard, yeards
yardsticksearch for term
Synonyms: mett yerds, mett yds
yarnsearch for term
Synonyms: yarne, yearne, yarns, yarnes
Yorkshiresearch for term
Synonyms: Yorkshiere, Yorkshierr, yorkshier
Yorkshire Clothsearch for term

A woolen cloth made in--wait for it--yorkshire!

Statutes described cloth made in yorkshire as 1 1/2 yards wide, weighing 86 lbs and being 30 & 34 yards long. Other yorkshire clothes were defined as being 1 yard wide, weighing 30 pounds and being 24-25 yards long.

However, in 1587, a draper's inventory listed an equivalent value for a whole piece of yorkshire cloth, and 11 yards of yorkshire the term may have been used more broadly than above.

Synonyms: Yorkshiere cloith, Yorkshierr clothe, Yorkshire klothe