Glossary beginning with W

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

wolverinesearch for term

Fur of the wolverine<

Synonyms: wolferinge, wolveringe, woulverins
wadmalsearch for term

a coarse woolen cloth, of a 2x2 twill weave in medieval scandinavian discoveries, but sometimes tabby woven. It was worn by country people up to the 18th century.

Synonyms: wodmole, wadmol
waistbandsearch for term
Synonyms: wast bondes, waistbands, waist band, wastebands, waste band, waste bands, waste bande, waist bands, wasteband
waistcoatsearch for term

informal, unstiffened jacket worn in the home and domestic settings by both men and women. Several surviving waistcoats are knitted. At the end of the century, the petticoat + waistcoat/jacket was the standard ensemble worn by the working woman.

Synonyms: Wastcoates, wastecoate, waste coate, westcoitt, wastecotes, waest cote, wastcote, waistcoats, wastcott, wastcoat, wastcotte, wastcottes, waestcote, waste coat, wastcoote, wastcoote, waskote, Wastcoate, Wastecoates, wastecote, wastcoats, wastcot, wastecoat, waistcote
washingsearch for term
Synonyms: wasshinge
weltsearch for term

A narrow band of fabric or trim applied to a garment.

Synonyms: weltinge, welted, weltes, welts, welte
Westminstersearch for term
whalebonesearch for term


Synonyms: whalbones, whale boone, whelbone, baleine, baleen, whall bon, quail bone, quhail bon, whale bone, whalesbone, whale bones, quhail bone, whales bone, whealbone
wigsearch for term
Synonyms: heads of heare, heds of haire, heads of heaire, periwigs, hedds of haire, periwig, wigs, hedds of haire, hedds of heare
Windsor Castlesearch for term
Synonyms: Wyndesor
wingssearch for term
Synonyms: winges, wyngs, wynges
wiresearch for term
Synonyms: wier, wyer, wyred
woadingsearch for term

dyeing blue, darkening with blue dye.

Synonyms: wooddinge
woolsearch for term
Synonyms: wollen, woollen, wolle, woolle, wooll
worksearch for term
Synonyms: werke, woork, woorke, worke, werk, warke, werke
wormsearch for term
Synonyms: worms, wormes
worstedsearch for term

Worsted wool was tightly spun fibre, resulting in a tighter thread and a smoother, finer fabric. Worsted cloth was lighter than woolen wool fabric. The term also refers to the worsted yarn used to knit stockins: "worsted stockyns".

Worsted fabric was woven almost exclusively in the Norwich area. Double worsteds were 10 yards long and five quarters wide, half-doubles six yards by five quarters. Single worsteds were
two yards broad and six yards long. Other traditional rolled worsteds were monks and canons cloths, and a long, narrow cloth, 30 yards by half a yard.

Synonyms: worsett, wusted, worset, worstite, worsteds, wourset, worstyd, worssett, Wosteds, wirsytt, woorsted, wosted, wyrsytt, wostyd
wreath lasesearch for term
Synonyms: wreathe lase
wristbandsearch for term
Synonyms: wrestbands, wristbands
wroughtsearch for term
Synonyms: wroicht, wroughte