Glossary beginning with V

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

verduresearch for term

A synonym for tapestry in some cases, but described as distinct from it in others.

"one lardge Counterpoynte of Tapstry or Verdors lyned with canvas" -Wardrobe Warrant for April 13th, ER 10 (1569)
"Item for two Counterpoyntes thone tapstrye thother verdors" --Wardrobe Warrant for April 3rd, ER 30 (1588)

Synonyms: verdors, verdures, verdor
valancesearch for term
Synonyms: vallaunces, vallannces
vasquinesearch for term

Cotgrave defines this as a "petticoat or kirtle". It is a garment composed of a skirt and sometimes having a bodice and sleeves attached, as well as a matching doublet worn with it. It is also described betimes as having a front section of a different fabric. It is listed side by side with both skirts, petticoats and kirtles in Scottish accounts of the 16th c., indicating that it wasn't considered the same as any of the others.

See also: Petticoat, skirt Synonyms: vasquiña, vasquines, vaskene, vaskenis, vaskene, basquina, basquiña, faskene
veilsearch for term
Synonyms: vallopes, Vales, vale, vallopps, vailes, vaillis, vails, vales, vayles, veils
veluresearch for term

a fabric with a raised pile, of wool; a wool plush.

Synonyms: valures, valure, vellur
velvetsearch for term
Synonyms: velvett, vellvet, vellitt, veluet, vellvette, velvette, velvat, velett, wellvet, velt, vellvete, vellatt, vellvett, velvte, vellet, veluett, vellat, velvot, velvete, veluit, vellett, vellate
venetianssearch for term

A type of breeches worn in the late 16th and early 17th century, with legs that were wide at the top, gathered to a wasteband, and narrowed to fit at or just below the knee.

Synonyms: venicians, venycyons
venicesearch for term
Synonyms: venis, venise, venyce, venyse
venice goldsearch for term

gold bullion used for embroidery

Synonyms: Venyce golde, venice of golde, venice golde, Venis gold, venyce gold
Venice ribbonsearch for term
Synonyms: venice rebande, venice Reband, venice Reben
venice silversearch for term

silver bullion used for embroidery

Synonyms: venice sylver
ventsearch for term

Vents were long decorative slashes in bodices, doublets or gowns

Synonyms: venting, fenting, ventes, vents, vented, ventts