Glossary beginning with U

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

Underskirtsearch for term

A skirt worn underneath a gown or under an outer skirt. A petticoat.

Synonyms: underskirts
unicornssearch for term
Synonyms: unicornes
unshorn velvetsearch for term

Velvet with the pile left in loops, uncut.

Synonyms: veluot uncutt, unshorne vellatt, unshorne velvett, unshorne veluet, veluett unshorne, unshorne velvet, uncutt veluet, vellat uncut, veluet uncut, unshorne vellat, vellat unshorne, uncutt velvett, unshorn vellatt, unshorne veluett
upper bodysearch for term

The bodice of a gown, kirtle or petticoat.

Synonyms: uppbodiyinge, over body, overbody, overbodys, upperbodied, upperbodyeng, upperbodying, upperbodyinge, upperbodyenge, upperbodies, upper bodys, upper bodis, upperbody, the bodys, uppbodies, uppbodied, upperbodying, uppbodying, uppbodyinge, overbodie, overbodied
upperbodyingsearch for term
Synonyms: upperbodyinge, uppbodied, uppbodiyinge, upp bodyinge, upp bodies, uppbodying