Glossary beginning with T

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

Tukesearch for term

described in a 1592 statute as "a kinds of buckram".

Synonyms: tukes, tuks
Train Kirtlesearch for term

A kirtle with a trained skirt.

Synonyms: traine kyrtells, traynyd kyrtell
tacksearch for term

A stitch or two used to attach two pieces of fabric together

Synonyms: tact
taffetasearch for term
Synonyms: taffitie, Taffaties, taftie, taffety, tafete, taffyte, taffetie, tafiatay, taffitye, taffata, tafata, tapha(ta), tafitie, taphat, taphata, taffetta, taffetye, taffita, taffatay, taffyta, tafetie, tafety, taffete, tafita, tafeta
tailorsearch for term
Synonyms: taillour, tailer, taylor, taylour, tayler, tailers, tailors, taylers, Taylours, taylors, tailleurs, talar, tailloure, tayloure, talier, talier
taminesearch for term

also called tammie, temming or tabine in England at the time, estamine was a fine , fairly thin fabric of silk and worsted wool fabric . Considered similar to rash; a statute of 1578< lists 'Rasse or Staminett of the flowers' making'.

See also: buratto, rash Synonyms: tamine, tabyne, tabines, tammie, temming, tabine, estamine, staminett, estamine, stemming, steming
tapestrysearch for term
Child terms: verdure Synonyms: Tapistrie, tapestrie, tapestry, tapistrie, tapistry, tapstery, tapestries, tapstry, tapstrye
tapestry worksearch for term
Synonyms: Counterpoynte
tassellsearch for term
Synonyms: tassells
testclothingtermsearch for term

this word is onlyin the Renaissance clothing and textiles glossary

theine lacesearch for term

Probably a mis-transcription of "cheine lase".

See also: chain lace
thimblesearch for term
Synonyms: thymbles, thimbles, thymble
threadsearch for term
Synonyms: thrid, threed, thredd, thredde, threade, thrydd, threde, thred, threede
threesearch for term
Synonyms: thre
thrumsearch for term
Synonyms: thromed, thrumming, thrummed, thrommed
tiffanysearch for term
Synonyms: tyffenye
timbersearch for term

Unit of measurement for fur: 40 skins, pelts or furs

Synonyms: Tymber
tinselsearch for term

Tinselling was the practise of weaving narrow stripes of metal, or metal-wrapped silk, into fabric.

Synonyms: tynselle, tinsell, tinsele, Tynsell, Tincill, Tincell, tincelled, Tyncell, tensele
tippetsearch for term

A long pendant, usually attached to a sleeve

Synonyms: Tippett, Typett, Typpett, typpet
tissuesearch for term

a heavy cloth-of-gold fabric woven with a looped pile of cloth-of-gold, silver or other metallic fabric.

Synonyms: tishue, tisshe, tishew, tyssue, tishued, tisshed, tishued, tissewed, Tisshued, tissued, Tisshue, tissues, tyssued
tooth-clothsearch for term

A small cloth used to rub and clean the teeth

Synonyms: tothe clothes, toth clothes, Totheclothes, toothe clothes, towthclothes, tooth clothes
Tours ribbonsearch for term
Synonyms: towers ribin, towers Rebande, Towers Reben, Towers riben
towelsearch for term
Synonyms: towell, Towells, towels, towelles
Tower of Londonsearch for term
trainsearch for term
Synonyms: traine, Traines, trayne
train gownsearch for term

a gown with a train skirt

Synonyms: trayne Gowne, traine gowne, traine gownes
translatesearch for term

In the context of sixteenth century wardrobe accounts, "translating" means "transforming", or altering substantially.

Synonyms: translating, translatinge, translatyng, translatynge, translated
trefoilsearch for term
Synonyms: trayfoyles
trimmedsearch for term
Synonyms: trimmid, trymmed, trimminge, trymmyng
tronoysearch for term

a variety of needle bought for Queen Elizabeth's tailors. Source of the term unknown; I believe it may have meant "train oil" needles. "train oil" was a term for sperm oil, an anglicization of the dutch "traan olie" (very close in sound to "tronoy"). During the annealing and quenching of steel needles--a process specific to steel--train oil was used for quenching, so that the needles bent less and retained a better tensile strength.

Synonyms: tronie, tronoye, troynoye, troney, trony, troneye
Tronoyesearch for term
tuft-taffetasearch for term

taffeta woven with small decorative tufts of pile

Synonyms: tuftit tafetie, tufted taffeta, taphata being tufted, tufttaffata, tuffted tafetie, tuftit taffeta, tuft taphata, taffata tufted, tuft taphat, tuft taffeta, taphata tufte, tufte taphata
tuftedsearch for term
Synonyms: tuftit, tufted
tuftssearch for term
Synonyms: tufte, tuftes, touft, toufte, tuft
turkey-worksearch for term

A form of knotted or tufted embroidery worked on a canvas backing in imitation of turkish carpets. Practiced in England from the 16th century to the mid-18th century, but especially in the 17th century. Used for upholstery and table covers.

Synonyms: turkie worke
turnings outsearch for term

In the later 1580s and 1590s the front edges of the gown, to either side of a stomacher, could be folded back. These were called turnings out and were frequently decorated

Synonyms: Turnynge out, Turnyngs out, turnynge oute, turnyngs oute, turning out
turquoisesearch for term

a bright blue stone

Synonyms: turquesses
two-penny ribbonsearch for term

A type of cheaper ribbon bought at the rate of tuppence a yard. Width defined by statute.

Synonyms: ii peny brode riben, two pennie brode ribin, twopenny ribbon, two penny broad ribon