Glossary beginning with O

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

opalsearch for term

A precious stone. Also a type of changeable taffeta or sarcanet.

Synonyms: hobale, opall
ostrichsearch for term
Synonyms: Estridge
Otzburg linensearch for term

A linen from Otzburg, Germany, near Frankfurt. Came in lengths of 125 Flemish ells.

Synonyms: Ausborough, osburow
ouncesearch for term
Synonyms: onnces, owncis, oz, ownces, ounces, ozs, ownce, ounce, wnces, wnce, onnce, unce, ouncis, onces
overthwartsearch for term

horizontally, in the context of trim placement on clothing.

Synonyms: over thwart, overthwarte, ouerthwarte
Oxenbridge linensearch for term

A fairly coarse linen from Oxenbridge. In 1576, Cambridge account books list it as sold for 7d the ell, while canvas sold for 1 shilling 2 pence the ell and table linnen for 1 shilling 3 pence the ell. (Holland sold for 2 shillings the ell.)

Synonyms: oxenbriddge, oxenbrigg, Osimbigge, osenbridges