Glossary beginning with N

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

napkinsearch for term
Synonyms: Napkyns, napkenes
Naplessearch for term
Synonyms: Napeles
neatskinsearch for term

cow leather

Synonyms: skynnis of netes
neckerchiefsearch for term

A cloth, usually square, worn about the neck and bosom area over or under a gown.

Synonyms: necherchers, neckercheies, neckigers, nickerchers, neckercher, neckercheves, neckerchiffe, neckercheefes, neckerchers, neckercheve
needlesearch for term
Synonyms: nedeles, needlls, needles, nedles, nedull, nedells, neadles, nedels, needells, neadle, nedle, nedell
needlework lacesearch for term
See also: reticella Synonyms: nedlework lace, nedleworke lase
neggesearch for term

an edge

netsearch for term
Synonyms: nett, nette
netherstockssearch for term

Lower portion of men's hose tightly fitting to the leg. Can be synonymous with the term stockings.

See also: socks Synonyms: nether stokes, nether stockings, netherstockes, nether-stockes, nether stockes, nether stocks
networksearch for term
Synonyms: netteworke, nettworke, nettwork, networke, knetworke, nett worke, netework, net worke, nette worke
night gownsearch for term

A loose, unstructured gown, worn in informal settings. Frequently described as having pockets and a stay ribbon across the back to hold the pleats in place across the back. Not the modern "night gown" worn to bed.

See also: long gown Synonyms: nycht gowne, nighte Gowne, nightgowne, night-gowne, night Gownes, Nyghtgowne, nighte Gownes, night Gowne, nyght gowne
night railsearch for term

Equivalent to the modern night gown.

Synonyms: night railes, night Raile, night Rayles, nighte raile, rale, rail, rayle, railes, rails, rayles
nightcapsearch for term
Synonyms: nighte Cappes, night cappes, night cappe, nyghtcap, night cap, night coyf, nyght capes, nyght bonet, nyght cappe
nightrailesearch for term

night gown, in the modern sense.

Nonesuchesearch for term
Norwichsearch for term

An english town renowned for its weaving of worsteds. from the 1580s on it became the center of the "New Draperies", lighter fabrics of worsted and mixed wool/cotton and wool/silk weave, spearheaded primarily by foreign Flemish refugee weavers that settled in Norwich. "Norwich lacing" and "norwich point" were also popular in the 16th century.

Synonyms: Norish, norrige, norage