Glossary beginning with M

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

minikenssearch for term

Bayes fabric. "By 1594, England was sending great quantities of bays into Italy. Bays of Sudbury, Coggeshall, and Maidstone were called 'minikins', and were in 'waight length and bredth equal to short Suffolk clothes saving they are afted and cottoned lyke unto a Baie'. They were exported, converted into frizadoes, and often re-imported into England at high prices." --Costume in the Drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, M. Channing Linthicum.

Synonyms: minikin, minikine, minnickins, minikins, mynikins, minkins, mynykens, mennekine, minekin, minikine
martensearch for term

Mustelinae Martus is a species related to wolverines, minks, badgers, ferrets, and weasels. The fur varies from yellowish to dark brown, depending on the species.

Synonyms: martens, of martine, martrens, martrickes, martrikis, martrikkes, Martron
miniversearch for term

the fur of grey squirrels. "Miniver pure" or "pure" is the white belly fur where no grey is showing.

See also: calaber, miniver pure, squirrel, squirrel fur Synonyms: menever, Mynneuer, furres of pure, mynever, mynnyover, myniver, Mynnever
minksearch for term

A member of the weasel family, prized for its fur.

Synonyms: mynkys, Minks
milan fustiansearch for term

A particular fustian from Milan. It was not a very expensive fabric; he Treasurer's account of Scotland in 1538 cited an ell of milan fustian as five shillings an ell in 1538, while an ell of serge was 10 shillings and an ell of linen for lining was two shillings.

Synonyms: mylon, myllon, mellan, millon fuschion, myllen fustian, myllaine fustian, myllyn fustian, myllayne fustian, melann, millen fustian, millione, million fustion, millian fusthan, million fustian, melan, myllion, mella
makingsearch for term
Synonyms: makinge, makyng, makynge
Malesearch for term
mandillionsearch for term

A cloak-like garment. "Mandiglione, a mandilion, a jacket." -- Florio's World of Words, 1611.

Stubbes describes them as so:
Their coates and jerkins...some be made... loose, which they call mandilians couering the whole body down to the thigh, like bags or sacks that were drawne ouer them, hiding the dimensions and lineaments of the body."

Synonyms: mandilyon, mandulion, mandilians
mantlesearch for term
Synonyms: mantyll, mantell, mantells
marble clothsearch for term

A medieval french worsted, made in Norwich by the 16th century. It used a multicoloured warp to achieve a mottled effect on the fabric.

Synonyms: marble, marble clothe
marlinesearch for term

small, soft, loosely woven twine of two or three yarns of hemp. Used in the sailing industry in rigging work, serving standing rigging, etc. Sometimes pre-tarred.

Synonyms: marlyn
Masksearch for term
Synonyms: Maskes, masks
Milansearch for term

A city in Italy known, in 16th century england, for its production of "milan fustian" and "milan needles".

Synonyms: millon, millione, melann, myllon, mellan, mylon, million, melan, millain, myllen, millen, millaine, millian, millan, myllan
Milan Needlessearch for term

Steel needles of high quality. A reference to Milan needles from the 17th century describes heating them before bending, something which would only be required for steel needles, not brass or iron needles.
"...I use to make mine own hooks, so shall I have them of the best Spanish and Millan needles, of what size bent or sharpness, and I like as I need."--The Secrets of Angling by J.D. Esquire, 1652

Synonyms: Millen Needles
miniver puresearch for term

the white fur from the belly of the grey squirrel in winter

See also: miniver Synonyms: furre of pure
miniver puresearch for term

The pure white bellies of squirrels. Often described simply as "pure".

Synonyms: furre of pure, furred with pure, furres of pure, perfourmed with pure, and pure of, of Pure of, white puer, with puer of
minksearch for term

The black fur of putorius lutreola, resembling sable, but shorter and glossier

Synonyms: mynkes, mynks, mynk
mockadosearch for term

Mockado, often called 'mock velvet', was a piled cloth of silk or wool, or mixed silk and linen, with a linen back. It was made in a variety of colours, plain, striped, and tufted, and cost from ninepence for plain to six shillings for tufted. It was used for many garments: gowns, bodices of petticoats, stomachers, farthingales, kirtles, jackets, doublets.

Synonyms: mockeadowe, mockadowe, maccado, mockyadey, mockadoes, mockados, mockeado, mockadoe, mockadaw, mocado, mockadow, moccado
motleysearch for term

A worsted textile of two or more colors woven together. Worn by the nobility in the 15th century, it was a more modest fabric in the 16th century, worn by commoners and tradesmen. Used for gowns, petticoats, jackets, jerkins. It was possibly the same thing as Kentish Cloth. "They were all attired in an English cloth, which they call Kentish cloth, we call Motley but much finer than that wherof we make cloakebags." --Moryson, 1607

Synonyms: medle, medley, motlaye, mingle collor
muffsearch for term
Child terms: Snoskin Synonyms: muffs
mufflersearch for term
Synonyms: mufflers, muffelers, mufler, Muffeler
mulesearch for term

A mule is a low, slipper-style shoe with low heel made of a few layers of thickened leather.

Synonyms: moiles