Glossary beginning with L

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

lucernesearch for term

Fur of the lynx. Cotgrave defines it as 'the spoted Linx, or Ounce, or a kind thereof'. Possibly a contraction of the French loup-cervir.

Synonyms: luzarne, lucern, luzernes, luserdes, Luzarns, luzarnes, lusernie, lazarnes, lusernes, luzarnes, luzarne, lyzarne, luserns, lynx, loup-cervir
lacesearch for term

In the Renaissance, this word did not apply to bobbin lace as it currently does. Bobbin lace was called "bone lace". the generic term "lace" applied to any number of corded, braided trims.

Synonyms: lacis, laysse, layss, layse, laice, lacce, laces, with les, lacine, lase, lacyng, lasces, lases, lais
lacedsearch for term

In the 16th century, this term described decorative application of cord or trim upon a garment, rather than describing how the garment was fastened. ("pointed" would be used rather than "laced" to describe fastenings.)

Synonyms: lacd, lased, lessit
Lady Montgomerysearch for term
Synonyms: Lady Mountegomerye
lattensearch for term

(From Wikipedia) The term latten referred loosely to the copper alloys such as brass or bronze that appeared in the Middle Ages and through to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Metalworkers commonly formed latten in thin sheets and used it to make church utensils. Brass of this period is made through the calamine brass process, from copper and zinc ore.

"Latten" also refers to a type of tin plating on iron (or possibly some other base metal), which is known as white latten; and black latten refers to laten-brass, which is brass milled into thin plates or sheets.

laundresssearch for term
Synonyms: laundresse, laundry, launder, laundres
leathersearch for term
Synonyms: lether
Leckenersearch for term
lengtheningsearch for term
Synonyms: making it longer, lengthenynge, makinge longer, letting downe, making longer, pecinge longer, lettyng downe, letting it downe, lett down, lett downe, peced longer, lettinge downe, peecinge longer, lettinge doune
leopardsearch for term

fur of the leopard.

Synonyms: leopards, liberds, lybards, lyberds
letticesearch for term
levant taffatasearch for term

A lightweight, cheap taffata used for garters and girdles in the 16th c. Considerably cheaper than china taffeta or narrow / Spanish taffeta, according to the custom rate books of the 16th century.

Synonyms: lauen taffitye, leven taffaty, levyn sylke, leven taffita, leven taffeta, leven taffete, leven taffetye, Levant Taffaties, leuen taphata, lauen taffitye, leven [taffata], leven taffitie, leven taphata, leven taffaty
linedsearch for term
Synonyms: lyned, lynett
linensearch for term
See also: holland Child terms: lawn, lockram Synonyms: lening, linnen, lynon, lynen, lynne, linninge, lynnynge, lyn clothe, lin[en], lynn[en], lenone, lin clothe, lynenn, lynnyne, lynnyn, lynuen, lynnen
lawnsearch for term

very sheer linen used for ruffs, veils, smocks, etc.

Child terms: cobweb lawn Synonyms: band of lane, lane slevis, layn, lawne
lockramsearch for term

A coarser linen, commonly worn by the lower orders.

Synonyms: lokeram, lokorame, lockeram, lockrom, locram, loceram
liningsearch for term
Synonyms: lyning, Lynynge, Lynnige, lynings, lyne, lininge, Lynynges, lynyng, lyneinge, lyneing, lynnyng, to line, lyninge
lintsearch for term

A term used to describe unspun flax in the 16th c

Synonyms: lynt
littlesearch for term
Synonyms: litell, litle
liverysearch for term
Synonyms: liuerie, liveries, liuery, Lyvirie, lyuerie, lyverie, leuery, lyveries, lyueries, lyveryes
long gownsearch for term

similar to a "loose gown" or "night gown" a casual item worn around the house, unfitted.

See also: loose gown, night gown Synonyms: Longe gowne
loomsearch for term
Synonyms: loome, lowme, loame
loom lacesearch for term

a lace made on a loom , most likely with a rigid heddle.

Synonyms: loame lase, lewme lase, lowme lase, loome werke, loom work
loop lacesearch for term

a decorative flat lace with loops woven into the tape

Synonyms: lowp lace, loup lais, lowpe lace, lowpe lais, lowplace
loopessearch for term
loose gownsearch for term

Similar to a night gown, or loose-fitted robe.

See also: long gown Synonyms: lowse gowne, lose gownes, lows gowne, loose gownes, loose gowne, lose gowne, lowis gowne
lukessearch for term

An English word for Lucca. Source of "lukes velvet".

lyersearch for term

Wire used for hanging tapestries and other furnishings

Synonyms: lior