Glossary beginning with K

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

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Synonyms: courchers, kerchefs, kerchif, kirchevs, kercheves, kergers, kercheres, kercheues, kerchifes, kerchers, kercher
kerseysearch for term

A narrow, lightweight woolen cloth in many colors. It was fairly cheap and used for a wide variety of garments. By law, in 1552, it had to be 18 yards long and 1 yard 1 nail wide.

Kersey was worn by royalty in the 15th century, but by 1580 had been superseded by the new draperies and was considered a humble fabric fit for commoners and tradesmen, or for lining other garments. By 1610, due to falling standards and quality, it was entirely out of fashion.

Devonshire Kerseys, called "Dozens", were hot-pressed to achieve a smooth, shiny finish and were esteemed more highly than other kersies.

Synonyms: cursy, kersaye, carsay, carsaye, carsey, karsie, carsye, karsey, kersye, Carsie, kerseys, kerseis, carzie, kerssie, kerse, kersie, kersay
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Synonyms: key bande
kirtlesearch for term

A gown worn under an outer gown. Some kirtles had bodices attached, and some did not. Kirtles frequently had the front of the skirt and of the bodice made of a more decorative material than the backs, as it was meant to be seen beneath the outer gown.

Child terms: Train Kirtle Synonyms: kyrtilles, kyrte, kirtelles, kyrtylles, kyrtelle, kirtelle, kyrtyll, kurtill, kyrtill, kirtill, kerttyll, kiyrtells, kirtell, kertell, kerttyl, kyrtells, kyrtell, kertelle, kertell, Cirtell, kyrtill, kirtles, kyrtel, kyrtell, kyrtells, kyrtels, kyrtle, kyrtles, kertle, kyrtles, kurtle, kyrtelles, curtell
knitsearch for term
Synonyms: Jersey hose, knytinge, knitte, knytte, knitted, knitting, knyte, knittworke, worstede yarne, knyttinge, knytt, knyt, knitt