Glossary beginning with J

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

jennetsearch for term

fur of genetta tigrina, a type of small civet cat, grey or black.

Synonyms: jennettis, genettes, jennett, jenett, Jonnitte, jenets, genets, Jennett, jennets, jenettes, jenetts, jennetts
jean fustiansearch for term

fustian of Genoa. Frequently called "jeanes". Used primarily for lining; better than holmes fustian, cheaper than high-end fustian a'napes.

Synonyms: jeanes, gene fustian, Jennes, Jenes, jeanes fustien, jean fusten, whyte janes, Jeane fustian, janes fuschion, jane fustian, jene fustian, jenes ffustion, jeyne fustian, jeanes fustion, jane fustyan, jean fustean, jene fustean
jack of platesearch for term

A coat of metal plates sandwiched between layers of fabric.

Synonyms: cote of plate, prevey cott, pryvie cote
jacketsearch for term
Synonyms: Jacquetts, Jaquettes, jackatt, Jaquetts, jakett, Jackett, Jaquitt, Jaquett
Jagsearch for term

Scalloped edging or epaulets on the shoulders and sometimes at the waist of bodices and doublets.

Synonyms: Jages, jagges, jagginge, Jagge, Jaggs, gages, gadges, Jagg
Jean silksearch for term

silk floss from Genoa<

Synonyms: Jane sylke, Jeane silke, ieane silke, Jane silke, jane silk, ieane sylke
Jerkinsearch for term

A fitted garment worn over the doublet in the 16th c. Often sleeveless, frequently made of leather.

Synonyms: jerkines, ierkyn, Jerkyns, Jerkens, jerkyn, jerkenes, jirkine, jirkins, jyrkyn, gurkyn, jerkyne, gerkin, jyrkine, Chirkin, Cherkins, ierkyns, jerkenwise, Jerken, gyrkin, jerkine, girkin, jerkins, jerkinge
jerseysearch for term

A tightly spun worsted wool frequently used for knitting stockings in the 16th century.

Synonyms: gearnsey, garnesey, gersey, jarsaye, Jarsye, Jersye, garnsey, guernesey, gairnsay, garnsay
Jetsearch for term
Synonyms: Jette, Jett
jewelsearch for term
Synonyms: Juells, Juell
juppesearch for term

a short coat or cassock<

See also: cassock, Dutch Cloak, gascoigne coat Synonyms: jhup, Jupp, jupe