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Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

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A warp-faced lace of cheap manufacture. It was used on coaches, for guarding servant's cloaks, to make points for tucking gowns and petticoats, and as strings for coifs and aprons. There are references to white inkle, blue inkle, coarse and fine inkle, broad and narrow inkle, and even twilled inkle tape in late 16th c. /Early 17th c. accounts. Based on the price range of the tape and the references to "Inkle made of string" seen in some accounts, it was most likely made of linen or a linen/cotten mix.

Synonyms: inkels, inkel, inkle, ynckell, enkell, inckell, incle, ynkell, inckle, enckle, inkell, inkyll
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Synonyms: Irishe facion, Irishe fation
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Synonyms: italion
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A style of gown with two bodices, the underbodice buttoned close to the beck, the overbodice open in front.

Synonyms: Italion fation, italyan fasshion