Glossary beginning with H

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

high-bodiedsearch for term

A bodice close-fit around the torso, coming all the way up to the base of the neck.

Synonyms: highe bodies, highe bodied, high bodyed, highe bodyed, highe bodyed
heliotropesearch for term

A flower used in Elizabethan embroidery and textile decoration.

Synonyms: elitropia
honeysucklesearch for term

This flower was a popular embroidery motif in Elizabethan textile decoration.

Synonyms: honiesocles, honysukelles
holmes fustiansearch for term

A coarse fustian made of linen and cotton, originally from Ulm, and produced in England by the 16th century

Synonyms: holme fustion, holmes fustean, holme, holmes, howmes furstyan, homes
hairsearch for term
Synonyms: haires, hairs, heare, heir, heyre, heire, heares
hairlacing ribbonsearch for term
Synonyms: hearelasinge, hare Lacinge, heare lasinge rebande, harelacing, hairelacinge, heairelacinge, here lacing reband, hearelasinge Rebande, haire lacinge, hearelasing Rebande, hairlacinge, harelacinge
half farthingalesearch for term

A type of farthingale fashionable in the 1580s and early 1590s in Queen Elizabeth's warderobe.

Synonyms: di verthingales, half varthingales, half verthingales, half verthingalls, half-verthingale, half verthingale, half farthingales
Hamburgsearch for term

The german city of Hamburg was known, in Elizabethan England, for the production of a fairly coarse linen fabric. Called "hamborow" or "harborow" linen, it was used for shirts

Synonyms: hamborow, harborow, hamboughe
Hampton Courtsearch for term
Synonyms: Hamptoncorthe, Hamptoncorte
handsearch for term
Synonyms: hande, hands, handes
handkerchiefsearch for term

A square piece of fabric, usually linen, frequently decorated with embroidery, whitework, or lace around the edges.

Synonyms: handkerkers, handekercheves, harcheife, handcherchifes, handekercheve, handkercheefes, handkercheifs, handkerchefs, handekercheifes, handkercher, handkerchers, handkercheues, handkercheve, handkercheves, handkerchives, handkercheiues, hankercheffes, handkerchyfes, hankercheus, handkerchief, hankerchers, handekerchers, heandekercher, hankercheus, handkerchiefs
hanging sleevesearch for term
Synonyms: hangynge slevis, pendaunte sleve, pendaunte sleves, pendaunte slevis, hanging sleeves, hangyng slevis, haungyng slevis
hardensearch for term

A course hempen cloth.

Synonyms: hardene, hearden, hemping cloath, hemping cloth
hatsearch for term
Synonyms: hatte, hatt, capp, cappe, hait, capes, hate, hatts, Capps, Hattes, Cappes, cap
hat bandsearch for term

The decorative band encircling the base of the crown of a hat, hiding the join between crown and brim.

Synonyms: Hatt bandes
headsearch for term
Synonyms: hedds, heads, heades, heathe, hed, hedde, heayed, hedd, heade, heds
heartsearch for term
Synonyms: hartes, harts, harte, hearte, hart
hollandsearch for term

a fairly finely woven linen, more substantial than lawn.

See also: linen Synonyms: hollands, hollandes, Hollan, hollande, hollen, holins, hollannd, holand, holine, hollindes, holane
hollow lacesearch for term

hollow lace was a round braided lace with a hollow core. It was frequently used for points, and is similar to modern shoelace.

Synonyms: hollay points, hollowe lace, hollowe lase, hollowe laces, hollowe lases
hoodsearch for term
Synonyms: Hoodes, hoods, whoods, whood, whoddes, hode, frenche hoods, whodds, whodde
hooks and eyessearch for term
Synonyms: hooks, hook and eie, hookes & eyes, hook & eyes, hooks, and eys, hooks and eys, hooks & eys, hokes, hookes & eyes, hooks and eies, Crotchetts, hoockes and eies, hooks & eyes, hook and an eie, eys and clasps, Crotchettes, hooks & eyes, Hookes, hookes and eyes, Hocks and ese
hoopssearch for term
Synonyms: hopes, hoapes, hoopes, hoops
hosesearch for term
See also: breeches, socks Synonyms: Hoose, hoyse, clothhose, hoses, hosen, hoase, hoss, hois, hoes, hosen, hosse, hawss, hosyn
hosiersearch for term

a tailor specializing in the construction of hose

Synonyms: hosyer
housewife's clothsearch for term

linen cloth that was spun and/or woven at home. Usually of lower quality that cambric or other professional linens.

Synonyms: huswiues cloth, howsewyves clothe, husewyves spynnyng, huswif cloith, howswyff clothe