Glossary beginning with G

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

gillyflowersearch for term

carnation or pink. An embroidery/textile decoration motif popular in the 16th century.

Synonyms: jelleflowers, gilliflower, gillyflowers, gilliflowers
gagesearch for term

Area around the top of the sleeve; usually referring to puffs and strips decorating the top of the sleve head.

Synonyms: gadges, gages
galligaskinssearch for term
Synonyms: gallyhose, Gascons, gasken hose, gascones
Galloon Lacesearch for term

Galloon -- "Narrow tape or binding of cotton, wool or silk, showing usually fancy weave; used for trimming dresses, uniforms, also for lacing. The English widths are: Twopenny, fourpenny, sixpenny, eightpenny, and tenpenny, the old penny pieces having been taken as gauge." --Dictionary of Textiles.

"Galloon Lace--Sorte di passemento (a kind of passemaine)" Lexicon Tetraglotton, 1660

"Galloons and Doubles are thick ribbons, principally black, used for bindings, shoestrings, &c--anrrow widths are called galloons, the broader doubles. "The house and farm accounts of the shuttleworths, from September 1582 to October 1621."

Synonyms: gallowne, galowne, gallowne les, galloune, galloun
gardeviancesearch for term

a chest for valuables; a travelling trunk.

Synonyms: gardivaiaunce, guardeuaunce, Guardevyaunce, guardeuiaunce, guardeviaunce, gardeivans
gartersearch for term

A ribbon or band tied below and/or above the knee in order to keep stockings up.

Synonyms: Garders, gerteringe, gartringe, freis, gartars, gerterin, gairteris, gartoning, garters, garteryng, Garder, garteringe
gascoigne coatsearch for term
See also: cassock, Dutch Cloak, juppe Synonyms: gasken Coate, cascon Coate, gaskyn coat
gatheredsearch for term
Synonyms: gatherid, gethered, gatheride
gathered forepartsearch for term

A highly embellished front part of a skirt meant to show beneath outer skirts. Could be gathered or not. Sewn to a petticoat or kirtle skirt, or directly to a farthingale.

Synonyms: gatherid foreparte
gathered kirtlesearch for term

a kirtle undergown with a gathered skirt & fitted bodice.

Synonyms: gatherid kyrtle
Genoasearch for term
Synonyms: jeane
Genoasearch for term

From the city of Genoa<

Synonyms: jeines, jeins
giltsearch for term
Synonyms: guilte
girdlesearch for term

A belt. In the 16th century, usually a belt made of fabric or woven silk.

Synonyms: girdillis, girdill, Gerdelinge, girdels, Gyrdells, gerdle, Gurdell, girdles, Gyrdle, girdell, gerdeling, gerdill, Gyrdell, gyrdelinge
gispensearch for term

a pot or cup made of leather

Synonyms: gyspin
glovesearch for term
Synonyms: glooues, glouis, gloues, gloves, gluiffis
goldsearch for term
Synonyms: golde, goulde, gould, gowld, gowd
goldsmith's platesearch for term

flat strips of gold or silver incorporated into trims, laces and fabrics

Synonyms: gold smythes plate, gold smyths plate, golde smythes plate, goldesmythes plate, goldsmythes worke, goldesmythes plate, gold smithes plate
gorgetsearch for term

An elusive term that denoted the area around the neck, but which could mean a number of things. It may have been a synonym for partlets, as in these two 1590s accounts :
" Item for an ell of holland to make sleives, gorgets, and coyfs"...
"Item more geven to her the 8 of december to buye lace for gorgetes..."

And possibly denoted a collar turnback or facing:
"Item for alteringe of a dublett of white Satten with longe cuttes and makinge newe gorgettes and making it longer in the waste" (1575)
" for Two yerds of white nettworke...and for making the same into two wast gorgetts to laye into the fase of two Gownes...and for making of a longe gorgett to fase a gowne of white lawne. " (1586)

Other entries:
"iii hodtrenes i mossell i creppyne ould of velvett and i gorgett of taffeta"

Synonyms: gorgett, gorgetes, gorgettes, gorgetts, gorgets
gownsearch for term
Synonyms: gones, gonnes, goun, gounes, gownys, gowns, goune, gonne, gowen, gouns, gownes, gowne, gownis
Granadasearch for term
Synonyms: granado
Greenwichsearch for term
Synonyms: Grenewiche
grosgrainsearch for term

A warp-faced fabric with broad weft strands, creating a ribbed appearance. Made of both silk and wool.

Synonyms: grogaram, georgicane, grogren, grograne, grogreyne, grogranes, grograine, grogreme, grosgraines, grograine, grogarane, grogerene, grogeringe, grogerie, groggerine, grogerine, grogran, grograyne, grogera, grograyn, grogreene, grosgrains, grograme, grogram
guardsearch for term

applied decorative band of fabric on a garment, often embroidered or embellished.

Synonyms: gardes, garde, gard, garded, gardid, gardinge, gardyd, gardet, guarded, garding, gards