Glossary beginning with E

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

edgedsearch for term
Synonyms: edgid
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Unit of measurement common across Europe in the 16th c. In english sources it is usually the 27-inch "flemish" ell in 16th c. wardrobe accounts, used to measure linen and some silks. There was an "English Ell" of 45 inches also in use, primarily to measure wool.

Synonyms: elnes, elne, elles, ells, elle, elbrod, elbrode
ellsticksearch for term
Synonyms: mett ells, mett elle
embroideredsearch for term
Synonyms: imbrothered, imbrodred, enbraderid, imbroidered, thenbr, inbrawdry, improdered, imbroydered, enbraud, enbraudered, imbrowderit, enbrotheringe, thenbraudery, enbrothery, Enbrauderer, imbroderyd, imbrodered, thembr, thembrauderie, thembroderie, thembroderie, thenbrauderie, enbroiderid, embr, enbroderid, enbroderie, enbrodered, enbrawedered, enbrawdred, enbrawdery, enbrawderid, enbrawdered, enbraudred, Enbrauderye, enbrauderynge, enbrauderye, enbraudery, enbrauderyd, enbrauderinge, enbraudering, enbrauderie, enbrauderid, Enbrauderers, ambroydered, broderit, embraudered, embrauderid, embraudering, embrauderinge, embrawdery, embrodered, embroderit, embroderie, embrodirie, embrawdred, embrodred, embroider, embroidered, embroidery, embroidering, embrothered, embrowdred, enbordered, enbr, embr, enbraderid, enbrothered, embrotheringe, embrotherer, ymbroydered, embroderied, embroderinge, enbroydered, embroydered, embrodery, thenbraudering, ymbrodered
emeraldsearch for term
Synonyms: ermerodes, emerode, emeraude, emerods, emerodes, emerades, emeraldes, emeralds, emeraulds
essefirmesearch for term

A shape of the letter S.

Synonyms: Essefirmes, essesirmes
erminesearch for term

the white winter coat of the short-tailed weasel, or stoat. The tip of the tail is black. References to "powderings" of ermine are to ermine skins with the black-tipped tails included. Ermines frequently came in a "timber" of 40 skins.

Synonyms: armenis, armions, armyons, ermyns, ermyons, ermines, armyon, aermine, armyns