Glossary beginning with D

Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.

damasksearch for term

A rich silk of floral or conventional geometric pattern. Until Elizabeth's reign it is found only in wardrobe accounts of royalty, nobility, and clergy, and was forbidden to people with estates under a hundred pounds.

Synonyms: damasco, dammaske, Damaske
damaske powdersearch for term

rose-scented powder, most likely containing fuller's earth, used to air out garments and furs and remove scents and oils from them.

diamondsearch for term

jewel or shape

Synonyms: diamonde, diamound, dyamond, dyamonde, dyamound, diamondes, diamonds, diamounds, diamunds, dyamondes, dyamonds
diamond-wisesearch for term

a pattern of trim creating diamonds

Synonyms: diamondewise, diamondwise
diapersearch for term

A linen fabric woven in a diamond pattern, used for toweling and napkins.

Synonyms: dyaper, dyapre
dimisearch for term

dimi was the latin word for "half". Frequently abbreviated as "di." in accounts and bills."ob.", short for "obulus", could also denote half.

Synonyms: di., dymie, dm, dm., demy, ob, di
Dornexsearch for term

Dornix cloth was made from one part by weight of linen and two parts jersey yarn using mainly noils (shorter fibres unsuitable for worsted cloth).

doublesearch for term
Synonyms: doble, duble
double bodiessearch for term
Synonyms: doble bodies
double hosesearch for term

linen hose composed of two layers of fabric

Synonyms: duble hose
doubletdoubletsearch for term

A closely-fitted mens' garment covering the torso and sleeves, frequently stiffened and padded. Womens' doublets are mentioned in the late 16th century as well.

Synonyms: dowblett, doblett, dublets, dublates, dubblettes, doblete, dooblett, dublitt, dublites, doublett, doublit, dublettes, doublitt, dowblet, Dublettes, dublate, dublytt, dubblett, Dublet, doblet, dubletts, dublat, Dublett
dowlassearch for term

A coarse linen originating in Doulas, Brittany, and imported into England by 1300. Used by bakers to make sieves.

Synonyms: Dowlace, Doulas
downrightsearch for term

vertically, when describing trim placement on clothing.

Synonyms: douneright, doune right, downerighte, downe right, downeright, downright
dozensearch for term
Synonyms: dossen
drawn outsearch for term

an underlayer of light fabric was "drawn out" through slashes, slits or panes into small puffs.

Synonyms: drawinge oute, drawne out, drawen oute, drawne oute
drawn-worksearch for term

the practice of drawing out threads of linen and working the remaining open mesh into decorative patterns with additional threads.

See also: cut-work, reticella Synonyms: drawne work, drawne worke, drawneworke, drawenwork, drawne worke, drawnework
durancesearch for term

Durance was a closely-woven, long-lasting worsted fabric. It was woven in patterns--there are references to birds-eye durance in accounts, as well as 'mountains, mackerels, scallops, oillets'. It was used for petticoats, aprons and gowns, and was considered a fabric of good quality popular with merchants and tradesmen.

Synonyms: durraunce, duraunce, Durans, durannce
Dutchsearch for term
Synonyms: duche, duch, douche, Doweche, Dowche, dich, dutche
Dutch Cloaksearch for term

A short, hip-length cloak, with sleeves.

See also: cassock, gascoigne coat, juppe Synonyms: duch clok, Douche Cloake, Douche Cloak, Dutche cloake, Douche clock, Duche Cloke, Douche Cloakes, dich cloake
Dutch Gownsearch for term

Likely similar in cut and style to the Flemish gown.

See also: Flemish gown Synonyms: Dowche Gowne, Doweche Gowne, Douche Gowne
dwarfsearch for term
Synonyms: dwarfte
daffodilsearch for term

A floral motif popular in Elizabethan embroidery and textile decoration

Synonyms: daffadillies