Glossary beginning with B

Words for 16th c. Textile Terms in the Scots Language. Much of the content was obtained from the online Dictionary of the Scots Language (

bisettesearch for term

A french term: "Plate (of gold, siluer, or copper), wherewith some kinds of stuffes are stripped." --Cotgrave, 1611

Synonyms: bissettis
bordsearch for term

can mean "border" or "board" (as in table top), depending on context

bordclaithsearch for term


Synonyms: bordclaithis, burdclaithis
burlettissearch for term

: plural of Burlet, from French Bourlet, a roll of cotton or linen stuffed with flocking. In the context of wardrobe accounts, it tost likely refers to the rolls at the shoulders of gowns. English wardrobe accounts of the time also mention shoulder rolls when describing gowns.