Glossary beginning with V

French terms for costume and textile, taken from Cotgrave and other sources

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Cotgrave defines this as a "petticoat or kirtle". It is a garment composed of a skirt and sometimes having a bodice and sleeves attached, as well as a matching doublet worn with it. It is also described betimes as having a front section of a different fabric. It is listed side by side with both skirts, petticoats and kirtles in Scottish accounts of the 16th c., indicating that it wasn't considered the same as any of the others.

A 1589 pattern for a vasquine is seen below, from Spain, where it looks to be the same as a kirtle.

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Synonyms: veloux
velloux figuresearch for term

figured velvet, voided velvet.

Veloutesearch for term

"Velueted, of Veluet, clad, or couered with Veluet. Cuir velouté. Frize leather. Taffetas velouté. Tuffe-taffata." - Cotgrave's Dictionary, 1611

Synonyms: veloutez, velouxte, velouxtes
violletsearch for term

violet, purple.

Synonyms: violet