Glossary beginning with P

French terms for costume and textile, taken from Cotgrave and other sources

panne de soyesearch for term

"Stuffe (made of silke;) and particularly, Shag, Plush, or unshorne Veluet." - Cotgrave's Dictionary, 1611

parementsearch for term

The modern french meaning of this word is "facing".

Earlier, it appears to have also meant "A decking, tricking, garnishinhg, adorning; a comelie dressing" - Cotgrave's Dictionary, 1611

Synonyms: parements, paremens
passementsearch for term

"passemaine lace", a decorative band of gimp or woven trim or braid. Frequently of gold, silver and/or silk. Not the same as bobbin lace.

Synonyms: passements
Peluchesearch for term

"shag, plush" - Cotgrave's Dictionary, 1611

Synonyms: pellusche, pelluche
Portmanteausearch for term

a Port-mantue, Cloake-bag, Male; - Cotgrave's Dictionary, 1611

Synonyms: portemanteau
pourpointsearch for term


Synonyms: pourpoinct
pourpresearch for term