Glossary beginning with D

French terms for costume and textile, taken from Cotgrave and other sources

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Synonyms: dames
Decoupésearch for term

"cut down, cut off; pared, or cut away; slit, sliced. Decouper: To cut down, to pare, or cut away; to slice; to slit" - Cotgrave's dictionary, 1611

Synonyms: descouppeure, descouppee, descouppees, descouppe
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"tooth-like"--possibly referring to bobbin lace in some contexts.

Devantsearch for term

front. "un devant de robbe; a kirtle; or, apron. Le devant d'un pourpoint &c. The forebodie" - Cotgrave's Dictionary, 1611

Devantiersearch for term

"An Apron. Devantel & Devanteau: the Same." - Cotgrave's Dictionary, 1611

Synonyms: devanteau, devantel, devantiere
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Synonyms: double, dublee, doublée, doublé