Glossary beginning with C

French terms for costume and textile, taken from Cotgrave and other sources

Canevassearch for term


Synonyms: cannevas
Chamarresearch for term

"Laced thicke all ouer; aslope, ore crosse, or billet-wise" - Cotgrave's dictionary, 1611

Synonyms: chamarrees, chamarree
collet quarresearch for term

square-necked, referring to the wide, square neckline seen on some 16th century gowns

colombiesearch for term


cordonsearch for term

a small cord used to decorate clothing.

Synonyms: cordons
corpssearch for term

body, or bodice of a gown, in the context of fashion.

Crespesearch for term

"Cipres; also, Cobweb Lawne" - Cotgrave, 1611