Glossary beginning with S

Primarily intended to facilitate synonym searching on colors. (Search for blue and find citations including "indigo", "watchet" and "sky color"; search for brown, and find citations including "fillemot" and "tristemin", etc.)

sad new colorsearch for term

Unfortunately, we're left to imagine what sort of sad color this was. It could have been a dull purple brown, a dullish green, a dull brown, some muted, darker shade.

Synonyms: sad new culler, sadd coler, sad coler
sheep's colorsearch for term

The color of sheep, a creamy or grey natural wool color.

Synonyms: sheepes color, shepes culler, shepe coler, shepe color, shepes colored
sky colorsearch for term

shade of blue

Synonyms: skie coler, skye, skye color, skye culler, skie, skye culler, sky collor, skye collor
sagesearch for term

A dusty green

sea greensearch for term

A blue-green color

Synonyms: sea water grene, sea greene, segreene, seawater, seawater greene
silver colorsearch for term
Synonyms: silver coler, silver colered
scarletsearch for term

A bright red color, as well as the expensive woolen fabric dyed scarlet with kermes that was worn by the well-to-do. In the context of renaissance texts, "scarlet" refers most often to this scarlet-dyed wool rather than simply to the color.

In the 17th century, tin was added to scarlet dyes for a more intense orange color, and the color shifted from red to orange-red in definition.

Synonyms: skarlett, skarlet, scarlett, scarlete, scarlet, scarlate, escarlate
stamellsearch for term

A red color considered similar to scarlet in the 16th century. It was among the "new colors" introduced in the late 16th century and was achieved with cochineal. It was sometimes called "bastard scarlet". If it is mentioned as if it were a fabric rather than colour, it would be wool. Frequently used for petticoats.

Synonyms: stammell, stammel, stamell, stamill, stamel
straw-colorsearch for term

A light yellow

Synonyms: strawe colore, strawe collor, strawe color, strawe colorid, strawe collored, stroy colerd, straw colour, strawecolor, straw color, strawcolor, strawecolour, stroye coler, stroe culler, stroe cullerd, stro colerd, stroy coler, strawe colour, strawe coulor, stro coler, Strawculler