Glossary beginning with P

Primarily intended to facilitate synonym searching on colors. (Search for blue and find citations including "indigo", "watchet" and "sky color"; search for brown, and find citations including "fillemot" and "tristemin", etc.)

peach-coloredsearch for term
Synonyms: peache colured, peachcolor, peache color, peche color, peach-color, peachecolor, peache collor, peachecolour, peache colour, peach colour, peche collored, peach couler, peach-colored, peach-coloured, peache-colour, peach color, peache color, peach-colour, peche color
pall colorsearch for term

probably the color of a funeral pall, viz. a shade of white

Synonyms: pale color, paule color, pawle color
pinksearch for term
Child terms: carnation, incarnate, gillyflower, Brazil Color, lady's blush, flesh color Synonyms: pinke, pincke
plunketsearch for term
Synonyms: bluncket, blonkett
partridge colorpartridge colorsearch for term

a brownish tan with a hint of grey.

Synonyms: partridge coler
pheasant colorpheasant colorsearch for term

an orange-brown

Synonyms: phesen coler
pukesearch for term

In Barrett's Alvearie or Quadruple Dictionary, 1580, a puke colour is explained as being a colour between russet and black. In some cases it appears to be a fabric; there's reference to "black puke" in an inventory of the 1570s.

Synonyms: pewk, peuke, pewke, pwyck
popinjaysearch for term

A bright green. Popinjay meant "parrot" in the 16th century.

Synonyms: popingiaye, Popingey, pepingo
purplesearch for term
Child terms: murrey, violet, Coleur du Roi Synonyms: purple, pyrple, purper, purpell, pourple, purpura, pourpre, purpour, porpell, purpel
paris gallantsearch for term

possibly similar to or a synonym for lustie-gallant, a late sixteenth century shade of rosy red.

Synonyms: parris gallante