Glossary beginning with H

Primarily intended to facilitate synonym searching on colors. (Search for blue and find citations including "indigo", "watchet" and "sky color"; search for brown, and find citations including "fillemot" and "tristemin", etc.)

hair colorsearch for term

A light brown or tan. Maiden-hair color was a bright tan, according to Linthicum.

Synonyms: heairecoloure, heare coloured, hair colored, heare coloure, heare cullor, heare-color, heare colour, hare colored, heire color, heare-colour, heare color, hare colour, hair coloured, hayre color, hearecolour, hairecolor, haire colour, hare coloured, hair-colored, Hearecolor, hare color, hair-cloured, harecolour, heaire color, heirrit cullowrit, haire color, harecoloured
horse-flesh colorsearch for term

A reddish-russet color. "Of the color of horse flesh; a peculiar reddish-bronze colour" - Century Dictionary & Cyclopedia

Synonyms: horse fleshe color, horse-fleshe-colour, horseflesh color, horsefleshe color