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Primarily intended to facilitate synonym searching on colors. (Search for blue and find citations including "indigo", "watchet" and "sky color"; search for brown, and find citations including "fillemot" and "tristemin", etc.)

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A shade of brown. Referenced in Blount's Glossographia of 1656 as "brown, next to auburn".

Synonyms: Abhramomsie, Abramminsye, Abramomsie, Abranounsio
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a shade of grey

Synonyms: aishcoloure, aishe color, aishe coloure, Ashecolour, Ashcolour, ashecouler, ashcoulor, ashecolur, asshe color, ashe color, Ash coullord, aish-colour, ashecoller, ash couuler, Ash coller, ash coullered, ash coler, ashe coler, ashecolor, Ashcolor, aishcolor, Ash couller, ash couller, ash coullor, ash color, Ashcullor, ashcoler, ashe colored, ashe, asshe