Glossary beginning with M

A collection of Renaissance Italian Clothing & textile terms from a variety of sources, including: Florio's Worlde of Wordes or Most copious and exact Dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by John Florio, 1598 (webbed at ) and glossary terms from Jacqueline Herald's Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500.

MASPILLIsearch for term

See BOTTONI. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MACCAsearch for term

.also a frock or such like garment -Florio's World of Words,1598

MADERAsearch for term

a kind of stuff to dye red withall, called Mather (Madder?) -Florio's World of Words,1598

MADRE PERLAsearch for term

mother of pearl -Florio's World of Words,1598

MAGLIAsearch for term

is properly the holes in any net. Also a shirt or jacket of mail, as Giacco di Maglia -Florio's World of Words,1598

A metal eyelet or little loop through which laces are threaded, sometimes made of silver or silver-gilt. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

Child terms: MAGLIETTA
MAGLIETTAsearch for term

See MAGLIA -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MAGLIAREsearch for term

to mail, to arm with mail, or jackets, to beat with a mallet. Also to beat a pack of wool to make it lie close. -Florio's World of Words,1598

MAGNOSAsearch for term

a coif or caul -Florio's World of Words,1598

MAGNOSETTAsearch for term

a little coif or caul -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANDIGLIONEsearch for term

a mandillion, a soldier's frock -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANELLEsearch for term

also bracelets -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANETTAsearch for term

a muff, a snufkin, a mitten. -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANEZZAsearch for term

a maunch, a sleeve, a muff, a mitten, a snufkin, a long glove -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANEZZEsearch for term

bracelets -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANGANAREsearch for term

to press all manner of linen cloth dyed, to put a lustre or gloss on it. -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANGANAROsearch for term

a presser of linen clothes, namely of buckram or fustian -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANGANOsearch for term

a kind of press to press buckram, fustian or dyed linen cloth, to make it have a lustre or gloss. -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANICAsearch for term

any kind of sleeve or maunch. Also., any flap covering the hand -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANICHEsearch for term

sleeves, maunches -Florio's World of Words,1598

Sleeves come in all forms of shape and construction. Although the sleeves of overgarments are sometimes short, or hanging open, the arm is always covered to the wrist. Even peasant women working in the fields had to respect this rule of modesty. During the early decades of the century, the sermons of San Bernardino and the sumptuary legistlations passed by the local government reflect disapproval of the devilishly monstrous sizes of sleeves, in an attempt to check the width of the hemlines. The sleeves of overgarments are invariably ample and long; whilst those of the clothes worn beneath (gamurra, farsetto, cotto, gonnella) fit the arm more closely. In the first half of the Quattrocento, the cut of the sleeve, like the cut of the rest of the garment, becomes more sophisticated; instead of being cut in one piece from shoulder to wrist or to helmline, the sleeve is much more finely tailored once the upper (often slightly gathered) and lower sleeves are joined at the elbow (see DOGALINA, FINESTRELLA, GOZZO, GOMITO, GUARNAZZONE.) -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MANICONEsearch for term

a great sleeve, maunch, muff or snufkin -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANIGLIsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANIGLIAREsearch for term

to adorn with bracelets, to manacle -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANIGLIEsearch for term

bracelets. Also manacles, ornaments about the arms or hands -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANILIsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTAsearch for term

a mantle, a robe, a long cloak -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTAROsearch for term

a cloak, a riding cloak, a shepherd's frock -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTARROsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTELLAROsearch for term

a mantle, a cloak-maker -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTELLINAsearch for term

a little loose mantle as women are wont to wear -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTELLOsearch for term

a cloak, cover or mantle -Florio's World of Words,1598

Traditionally, a practical cloak worn over all clothes for warmth and protection against inclement weather, especially when traveling. It is draped over the shoulders and, in the case of the elderly and bereaved women, over the head. San Bernardino (op cit) alluded to the volume and drape of the mantello in describing the vast size of the sleeves of the ladies' cioppe: "You could say that the cioppa has one mantello on each side." Because of its simple shape, and since it is both a practical and a classless garment, the mantello is often used as a convenient theatrical prop for figures in paintings. The Madonna nearly always wears a mantello over a gamurra; it is significant that she often covers her head with a cloak -- a sober gesture -- being the prerogative of widows and older women. Saints, too, are invariably donned with mantelli; their appearance is thus related very closely to that of pilgrims. Although the cut and construction of the basic mantello barely changes, fashion demands that it be worn in different ways, e.g. turned back over the shoulder, or fastened over one shoulder instead of under the chin. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MANTICAsearch for term

a bag, a wallet, a budget, a cap case -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTILEsearch for term

a tablecloth or napkin -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTILETTOsearch for term

a napkin, drinking cloth, a cupboard cloth -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTOsearch for term

a robe, mantle or cloak, a long upper garment. -Florio's World of Words,1598

MANTONEsearch for term

a great robe, with a train -Florio's World of Words,1598

MARGARITAsearch for term

a pearl, a margarite (marguerite?) , a gem. -Florio's World of Words,1598

MARGARITATOsearch for term

one that makes bugles, or one that pierces and bores pearls -Florio's World of Words,1598

MARGARITINEsearch for term

bugles or seed pearls -Florio's World of Words,1598

MARROCHINOsearch for term

Spanish leather, frieze leather -Florio's World of Words,1598

MARTOTIsearch for term

the fur of martins -Florio's World of Words,1598

MASCARAsearch for term

a mask, a vizzard, a covert -Florio's World of Words,1598

MASHUCAsearch for term

a garment or robe made of wolves', deers' or goats' skins -Florio's World of Words,1598

MATASSAsearch for term

a skein of thread or yarn -Florio's World of Words,1598

MATASSINAsearch for term

a little skein or lock of wool -Florio's World of Words,1598

MATRE PERLAsearch for term

mother of pearl -Florio's World of Words,1598

MAUROsearch for term

a dark grey -Florio's World of Words,1598

MAZZOCCHIO search for term

A stuffed roll covered with fabric which is worn on the head. It forms the basis of the men's cappuccio, being the part of the hood which fits round the crown. By women, the mazzocchio is pinned to the hair, giving slight height and a rounded shape to the veil worn on top. The mazzocchio continued to be worn by veiled older women long after new taller fashions in headdresses had been introduced to the fashionable yuonger women. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MAZZOCCOLAsearch for term

a woman's rowl (roll?) or rowler (roller?) for her head -Florio's World of Words,1598

MAZZUOLAsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

MEDAGLIAsearch for term

a jewel, .any embossed or graven work, a brooch, an ouch -Florio's World of Words,1598

MEDAGLIETTAsearch for term

any little brooch, ouch, jewel -Florio's World of Words,1598

MERLO DELLE VESTIsearch for term

a guard or hem, or fringe, or binding of a garment -Florio's World of Words,1598

MESCHIOsearch for term

mixed, mingled together. Also a medley or parti-coloured -Florio's World of Words,1598

MEZZALANAsearch for term

a stuff called linsey-woolsey, or any stuff made of half wool and half silk or linen -Florio's World of Words,1598

MOCCAIAROsearch for term

the stuff we call mockado -Florio's World of Words,1598

MOCCAIORROsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

MOLICHINOsearch for term

a kind of purple colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

MOLINAREsearch for term

to grind in a mill, to full cloth -Florio's World of Words,1598

MOLOCHINOsearch for term

a kind of colour like a whitish purple, or like the flowers of mallows -Florio's World of Words,1598

MONACHINOsearch for term

A shade of brown with a reddish tint. It is a modest colour, occasionally worn in mourning or by widows; it is also used quite generally for a functional garment not of great value. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MONGILEsearch for term

A form of cloak with sleeves, possibly of monastic origin, which may have originated in Spain. It is worn open in front, and logn to the ground. Between 1478 and 1485, 40 are listed in the wardrobe of Leonora of Aragon, some described as 'ala moresca' (in the Moorish style), many without sleeves attached. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MONGINOsearch for term

See MONGILE -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MONZINOsearch for term

See MONGILE -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MONILEsearch for term

a carcanet, a billiment, a collar, a border, a jewel about one's neck, a necklace having jewels or pearls in it, an ouch, a tablet or a brooch. -Florio's World of Words,1598

MORATOsearch for term

black, or a blackberry colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

MORELLOsearch for term

the colour murrey, or dark red -Florio's World of Words,1598

Literally, mulberry-coloured. It is equated in treatises on dyeing and painting with pavonazzo. A red dye formed the basis of morello and pavonazzo, the resulting quality being dependent on the type of dye used (chermisi, grana, garanza or verzino). Being a dark shade, morello is one of the colori corozosi worn by widows and those in mourning. It is also commonly worn for everyday civic dress. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

MORELLOTTOsearch for term

ruddy, red, flaming red, red hot, high or fiery-coloured -Florio's World of Words,1598

MOZZORASOsearch for term

a kind of coarse satin so called -Florio's World of Words,1598

MUCCICHINOsearch for term

a mucketter, a handkerchief, a hand-napkin -Florio's World of Words,1598

MULEsearch for term

also pantofles or slippers -Florio's World of Words,1598

MULLEIsearch for term

a kind of shoe like the Turkish shoes up to the middle of the legs that kings and Princes were wont to wear -Florio's World of Words,1598

MUSTELLINOsearch for term

a kind of colour like a weasel -Florio's World of Words,1598

MUTANDEsearch for term

thin under-breeches, such as wrestlers use for lightness -Florio's World of Words,1598

Underpants, confused with brache at the beginning of the century, listed amongst the biancheria relating to men's attire. However, there are no known documented examples of mutande to be worn by women. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500