Glossary beginning with F

A collection of Renaissance Italian Clothing & textile terms from a variety of sources, including: Florio's Worlde of Wordes or Most copious and exact Dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by John Florio, 1598 (webbed at ) and glossary terms from Jacqueline Herald's Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500.

FALDAsearch for term

a fold, a plate, a wrinkle, a gathering, the skirts of the coat -Florio's World of Words,1598

FALDAREsearch for term

to fold, to pleat, to en-tress, to wrinkle, to cockle, to gather, to curl, to en-trail -Florio's World of Words,1598

FALDARELLOsearch for term

a little pretty dog, a playing dog, a puppy sitting upon a woman's coats -Florio's World of Words,1598

FALDEsearch for term

also plaitings, wrinkles, folds, gatherings, curlings, plaits. Also locks or handfuls of wool or flax. Also a folding, an enwinding or a plaiting of a garment. -Florio's World of Words,1598

FALDÉAsearch for term

a kind of open or loose garment which the noble women of Venice were wont to wear -Florio's World of Words,1598

FALDIA search for term

An underskirt of linen held out by means of horizontal bands padded with cotton wool or linen fibre. The fashion appears in the latter part of the century. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

Child terms: FALDIGLIE
FALDIGLIEsearch for term

as above. Also a frock or gathered garment -Florio's World of Words,1598

FALDONIEsearch for term

As Falde -Florio's World of Words,1598

FARE A GUCCHIAsearch for term

to knit as silk hosen be with needles -Florio's World of Words,1598

FARSETOsearch for term

a truss or thin doublet for summer, a little jacket -Florio's World of Words,1598

FARSETTINO search for term

Related to the farsetto, doublet, of men's dress. A farsettino da donna with 16 silver buttons appears in the inventory of Riccardo del Bene of 1411. It was probably a kind of undergarment, the buttons of which would show, its collar rising above the neckline of the fuller garments worn on top. (Polidori Calamandrei, p. 128.) -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FARSETTOsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

The generic term for a man's doublet, which is also known by the names corpetto, guibetto, zuparello, and zupone (guibbone). This type of garment is made by a professional farsettaio. The doublet is a close-fitting garment, stuffed and quilted. It has a low-standing collar and usually sleeves. Worn over the shirt, and beneath a tunic and/or other forms of overgarment, the farsetto offers warmth and protection, and defines the outlines of the torso, finishing around the hipline. The shape of the doublet varies from one decade to the next, depending on the fashionable silhouette. In the earlier Quattrocento, the doublet is nearly always hidden by some form of tunic or gown, the exception being for sporting activities. Later in the century, as clothes worn by the fashionable young become more and more revealing, the doublet is shortened and is generally much more in evidence, worn with a loose cloak or gown as opposed to a closed tunic with sleeves. It has been suggested by Levi Pisetzky that some form of doublet (the corpetto, giobetto, zuparello) were meant to show, whereas others (the farsetto, zupone) were always concealed. It is the richness of the textile from which the doublet is made which indicates the nature of the occasion for which it is worn, and implies the degree to which the garment is to be shown off. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FASCEsearch for term

bundles, swathes, widths, fardels, guardings, borders, laces, rolls, or bindings about a garment -Florio's World of Words,1598

FASCIAsearch for term

the singular of Fasce -Florio's World of Words,1598

FASCIAREsearch for term

to swathe, to swaddle, to bundle or bind about, to sheaf up, to roll or tie up. Also to bind, to guard or lace, or border a garment about -Florio's World of Words,1598

FATTO A GUCCHIAsearch for term

knit with knitting needles as silk hosen be -Florio's World of Words,1598

FAZZOLETTOsearch for term

a handkerchief, a muckerer, a towel, a barber's cloth, a wiper -Florio's World of Words,1598

A kerchief had various uses. Worn by women, the fine silk or linen fazzoletti were tucked into or worn over the lower necklines of their dresses. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FELTRAROsearch for term

a felt maker -Florio's World of Words,1598

FELTROsearch for term

a felt, whereof hats are made or riding cloaks and bases. Also a hat itself or a cloak made of felt. -Florio's World of Words,1598

FELZATAsearch for term

a kind of coarse woollen stuff so called like felt -Florio's World of Words,1598

FEMINELLEsearch for term

the little clasps and hooks that women use to tie their petticoats with -Florio's World of Words,1598

FERALVOLOsearch for term

a riding cloak -Florio's World of Words,1598

FERARVOLOsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

FERIGNOsearch for term

cruel, fierce, of the colour or nature of iron -Florio's World of Words,1598

FERMAGLIAREsearch for term

to adorn with jewels, ouches or brooches, or pendants -Florio's World of Words,1598

FERMAGLIOsearch for term

an ouch, or jewel, a pendant, namely a brooch -Florio's World of Words,1598

A brooch or hat badge, also known as a brochetta or medaglio depending on its form and use. A versatile piece of jewelry worn on the shoulder, on a headdress, the sleeve, or the bodice of a garment. Invariably made on a large scale, the fermaglio was effective from a distance. Some brooches bore figures or emblems in relief, sometimes with heraldic significance. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FERNANBUCCOsearch for term

brazil wood to dye with because it comes from such a place in brazil -Florio's World of Words,1598

FERRETTIsearch for term

little irons. Also tags for points. -Florio's World of Words,1598

FERRUGINÉOsearch for term

of an iron colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

FESTICHINA SETAsearch for term

a kind of raw sleave silk -Florio's World of Words,1598

FESTONCELLOsearch for term

a little garland or wreath, or chaplet, or coronet of flowers -Florio's World of Words,1598

FESTONEsearch for term

a garland, a wreath, a chaplet, a crown of flowers -Florio's World of Words,1598

FETTUCCIEsearch for term

jags, jaggings, cuttings, or snips in garments -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIAMMA DI VOLTOsearch for term

a blush, or maiden's blush colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIAMMÉOsearch for term

a flame colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIBBIAsearch for term

any kind of buckle, a latch, a clasp or hasp, or latchet -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIBBIAREsearch for term

to buckle, to lace, to tie, to join or fasten together -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIBBIATURAsearch for term

a buckling, a lacing -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIGURATO VELUTOsearch for term

figured velvet, wrought or branched velvet -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILACCIOsearch for term

coarse thread, or yarn to be woven. Also coarse raw silk -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILAREsearch for term

to spinto twist or draw into threads -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILATAREsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILATOsearch for term

spun or twistedalso any kind of yarn that is spun, or spinning, made in manner of a thread -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILATOIAsearch for term

a spinner, a woman spinner -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILATOIOsearch for term

a silk mill. Also a spinning wheel -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILATOREsearch for term

a spinner -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILATRICEsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILETTOsearch for term

The very edge of a border or hem, which was sometimes trimmed with narrow strips of fur. A Florentine sumptuary legislation of 1471 allowed women's veste to have filetti, garzi, or orzi of fur. (C Mazzi, Provvisioni suntuarie fiorentine, 29 novembre 1464, 29 febbraio 1471, Florence, 1908, p. 10.) -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FILISCELLOsearch for term

a kind of coarse silk which we call fillosetta or flouret silk -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILZAsearch for term

a file, a thread full of pearls, of beads.a chain of pearls -Florio's World of Words,1598

FILZAREsearch for term

to en-thread or put upon a thread, as beads, bugle or pearl -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIMBRIAsearch for term

-the hem or skirt, a fringe, a welt, a guard, a border or an edge of any garment. Also a friar's girdle -Florio's World of Words,1598

FINESTRELLAsearch for term

The opening at the front of the elbow of a sleeve, through which the arm passes, leaving the remainder of the sleeve to hang down independently. The contrast is shown between the textile of the main body of the overgarment and the upper part of the sleeve, and the lower arm, which reveals the textile of the closer-fitting sleeves attached to the layer of clothing beneath. Sometimes, if the sleeves of the overgarment are detachable, those sleeves hang loosely direct from the shoulder. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FIOCCOsearch for term

a tassel, a button, a lock or bush of hair, a flake, a flock or tuft of wool -Florio's World of Words,1598

FIORONIsearch for term

garlands or chaplets made of flowers. Also great branches in Damask -Florio's World of Words,1598

FLAMMÉOsearch for term

a flame colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

FLAVIOsearch for term

a bright shining straw yellow -Florio's World of Words,1598

FLAVOsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

FÓDERAsearch for term

a lining, a scabbard, a sheath -Florio's World of Words,1598

FODERAREsearch for term

to line a garment -Florio's World of Words,1598

FOGGIAsearch for term

Part of the male cappuccio. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FORBICIsearch for term

scissors, shears, tailors shears -Florio's World of Words,1598

FORBICINIsearch for term

little pretty scissors or shears -Florio's World of Words,1598

FORFICETTEsearch for term

little scissors or shears -Florio's World of Words,1598

FORFICIsearch for term

shears, scissors, tailors shears -Florio's World of Words,1598

FORFICINIsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRAPPATUREsearch for term

Dagged hems, i.e. edges of cloth which have been decoratively cut into scallops, leafy shapes, or some other kind of pattern. A feature of both masculine and feminine dress, the frappature may be an eccentricity, criticized by moralists; but they are a sign of a sophisticated culture and indulgent lifestyle. Once dead as a fashion, vestiges of dagging and fringing are sometimes found worn as livery by young men and commonly by fools and jesters. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FRASTAGLIsearch for term

cuts, jags, snips -Florio's World of Words,1598

See FRAPPATURE< -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FRAPPEsearch for term

fringes, embroiderings, guardings, lacings. Also cuttings or jags, or snips of garments -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRATESCOsearch for term

friar-ish, friar-like. Also a gray or ash colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

FREGIAREsearch for term

to fringe, to guard, to lace, to adorn or garnish anything, to border -Florio's World of Words,1598

FREGIATAMÉTEsearch for term

finely, adornedly, as with lace, fringes or other guarding for ornaments -Florio's World of Words,1598

FREGIATOsearch for term

fringed, bordered, guarded, laced, adorned -Florio's World of Words,1598

FREGIOsearch for term

a fringe, a guard, a lace, a border, a welt, embroidery, ornament or garnish about any garment -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRENELLOsearch for term

also little crisps of hair for women's heads, or headbands -Florio's World of Words,1598

A hair ornament -- a string of pearls, which is entwined around the twists of real and false hair and fine silk veil. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

FRESONEsearch for term

coarse frieze rug or home spun cloth -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRIFAREsearch for term

to frieze, to cotton, to set a nap -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRIPPERIAsearch for term

the place where old clothes sellers dwell, a frippery -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRISAsearch for term

the stuff called frieze -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRISADAsearch for term

a kind of stuff called frizado -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRISELLAsearch for term

very fine frieze or nappie (napped?) cloth which we call peni-stone or cotton. -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRISETTAsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRISONEsearch for term

.also a rough hairy garmentalso a coarse, thick frieze. Also the stuff we call rug -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRONTALEsearch for term

a forehead piece, or headbanda square as women ear on their heads, a frontlet -Florio's World of Words,1598

FRONZALEsearch for term

a kind of frounzing (?) or ornament about a woman's head or hair -Florio's World of Words,1598

FULVOsearch for term

the colour of gold, or bright yellow -Florio's World of Words,1598

FUSTAGNEREsearch for term

a kind of thin fustian -Florio's World of Words,1598

FUSTAGNOsearch for term

the stuff we call fustian -Florio's World of Words,1598