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A collection of Renaissance Italian Clothing & textile terms from a variety of sources, including: Florio's Worlde of Wordes or Most copious and exact Dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by John Florio, 1598 (webbed at ) and glossary terms from Jacqueline Herald's Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500.

BACHOsearch for term

as above -Florio's World of Words,1598

BACOsearch for term

a silk worm -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAGNAREsearch for term

to wet, to wash, to bathe, to moisten -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAGNOsearch for term

a bath, or bathing-house -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAGORDAREsearch for term

to mask, to mum, to revel -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAGORDIsearch for term

maskings, mummings, revellings -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAGORDIEREsearch for term

a masker, mummer, or reveller -Florio's World of Words,1598

BALDACCHINOsearch for term

A silk textile, possibly originating in Baghdad (vocabolario della Crusca). Baldacchino is not registered very often as a textile used for clothing, though an inventory of 1417 records a cotta of red baldacchino, and another of 1452 lists a gamurra pavonazza with sleeves of baldacchino (Polidori Calamandrei, op.cit., p. 126). Alternatively, the word baldacchino is used for a hanging or canopy. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BALZAsearch for term

a hill, a mountain, a rock, a cliff. Also a certain head attire for women. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BALZANA/BALZAsearch for term

Trimming around the hemline of a gown, e.g. jewelled ornaments around the hemline of a dress, or a border of contrasting textile or fur. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BALZOsearch for term

the bound of a ball, a skip, a hop. Also a certain head attire. -Florio's World of Words,1598

A large headdress, rising up in a rounded form from the forehead, completely hiding the female wearer's head (the hairline having been plucked back to create an artificially high forehead). The shape of the headdress is founded on an understructure, probably of willow, which is covered by a rich textile and alternatively by false hair of white or yellow silk, or by real hair (capelli morti). The balzo then may be decorated further with ribbon or braid. The fashion of balzo is peculiar to Italy, and to the first half of the Quattrocento. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BAMBAGIAsearch for term

A linen or cotton textile used for interfacing garments. It is invariably sold by weight, rather than the length of braccia. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BAMBAGINAsearch for term

a woman's long waistcoat. Also bombasine. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAMBAGNAsearch for term

bombast -Florio's World of Words,1598

BANDAREsearch for term

to garde (guard) with laces or guards. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BARLIsearch for term

little bushes, locks or tufts of hairs -Florio's World of Words,1598

BARONZIsearch for term

also apparel or clothes, rags, clouts, tatters. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BARRALDAREsearch for term

to teasel clothes -Florio's World of Words,1598

BASSETTOsearch for term

a shoe-makers round piece of wood to sew his shoes upon -Florio's World of Words,1598

BASTOsearch for term

-also a doublet or jerkin in rogues language. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BATALOsearch for term

a kind of miniver hood that Doctors are wont to wear in sign of honour. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BATTILANAsearch for term

a wool-winder or dresser of wool. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAUAROsearch for term

a bib or muckender. Also a hood or a rail, a friar's cowl, a beaver. Also a cape about the neck of any garment. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAUCCAREsearch for term

to mask or muffle. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAUCEOsearch for term

a woman's mask or muffler -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAUELLAsearch for term

a kind of ravelled silk or sleave silk. Also satin of Briges.All manner of raw silk. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAUELLEROsearch for term

a picker of silk -Florio's World of Words,1598

BAUEROsearch for term

as above. Also a kind of stuff made of raw silk, as curled or raw cypress. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BECA/BECCA search for term

Probably a belt of silk to which the hose are attached. A trousseau listed in 1493 included two beche of velvet, with gold laces (G. Biagi, Due corredi nuziali fiorentini, 1320-1493, Florence, 1899). -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BECCHETTOsearch for term

The long hanging part of the cappuccio which is sometimes draped over the arm or shoulder, or wrapped around the neck (see CAPPUCCIO). -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BELLA/BELLOsearch for term

fair, beautiful, well-favoured, handsome, goodly, comely, pretty. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BELLETAREsearch for term

to paint, to beautify, to make fair. Also to deceive. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BELLETTOsearch for term

painting that women use for their faces. Also a deceit. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BELLEZZAsearch for term

beauty, fairness, comeliness. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BELTRAMOsearch for term

fair, handsome, goodly. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BELTROsearch for term

a mixed colour of green, white and red -Florio's World of Words,1598

BENDAsearch for term

a scarf, a veil, a swathe, a filet, a hair-lace. Also a hose-garter. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BENDA/BINDA search for term

A length of silk or linen veil used for covering, wrapping round or intertwining with the hair. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BENDAREsearch for term

to en-scarf, to swathe, to hoodwink, to blindfold -Florio's World of Words,1598

BENDELLAsearch for term

a filet, a riband, a tape, a little scarf, a bandell (?), a swathe a rowler (roller?). -Florio's World of Words,1598

BERETTAsearch for term

a cap or bonnet -Florio's World of Words,1598

BERETTANOsearch for term

a capper, a cap-maker -Florio's World of Words,1598

BERETTINAsearch for term

a little cap or bonnet -Florio's World of Words,1598

BERETTINOsearch for term

A shade of grey, verging on black, favoured by Isabella d'Este apparently because it suited her complexion extremely well, but probably also because of her Spanish origins. In other circumstances, it was sometimes worn as a colour of mourning. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BERETTOREsearch for term

a great cap or bonnet, a cap of maintenance as the Mayor of London carries before him. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BERNASSOsearch for term

a cloak with a hood as shepherds wear, a thrummed hat -Florio's World of Words,1598

BERRETTAsearch for term

a cap or bonnet -Florio's World of Words,1598

Any form of cap or hat of rounded or semi-conical shape. Usually fitting closely to the head, the berretta could be brimless, or turned up around the edges. The woman's berretta was rather like a coif (cuffia) and was often decorated with embroidery, or was made of a silk textile such as damask or satin. The man's berretta could also be made of a similar silk textile; but it was made usually of felted woollen cloth, and was frequently worn with a hat bad (fermaglio). There were some berretta of distinguishing shapes, e.g. berretta ducale or the berretta alla capitanesca. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BETTAsearch for term

a beauty -Florio's World of Words,1598

BEUCCATOIOsearch for term

a workman's apron or bib. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIACCAsearch for term

a kind of white lead called cerise -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIACCAREsearch for term

to white, to daube, to paint with ceruse -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIANCAREsearch for term

to white, to whiten, to blanche -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIANCARIAsearch for term

all manner of napery or white linen -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIANCHERIAsearch for term

A composite term for all white linen goods, personal and otherwise, belonging to a household. Biancheria therefore covers sheets and towels, as well as shirts, kerchiefs, coifs, collars and the occasional guarnello. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BIANCHETTAsearch for term

a blanket. Also something white -Florio's World of Words,1598

A kind of white cloth, possibly woollen. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BIANCOsearch for term

white, blank, pale, wan -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIAVOsearch for term

a bright pale yellow colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIGIOsearch for term

gray or russet colour. Also homespun cloth or sheep's russet. -Florio's World of Words,1598

A shade of grey. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BIGIUCCIAsearch for term

a kind of gray or clay colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIONDAsearch for term

a kind of lye to wash and make women's hair yellow -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIONDEGGIANTEsearch for term

shining yellow, or of the colour of gold -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIONDELLAsearch for term

the herb 'centorie' so called, because washing one's head with it, it makes the hair yellow. Also a golden-locked person, as we say a goldilocks -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIONDEZZAsearch for term

yellowness of hair -Florio's World of Words,1598

BIRSAsearch for term

-the 'cheverill' skin to make purses with -Florio's World of Words,1598

BISSINOsearch for term

a kind of fine silken stuff called bisse -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOCCACCINOsearch for term

A modest textile of cotton or linen used for linen sleeves (M. Giuliani, op. cit.), or for simple versions of garments, e.g. the black giornea of boccaccino recorded in a trousseau of 1459 (Polidori Calamandrei, op. cit., p. 126). -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BOCCALINOsearch for term

properly such stuff as we call Buckram. Also such stuff as we call Callimanco. Also a single garment for a woman. Some have used it for fine calico or lawn -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOMBAGIAsearch for term

all manner of bombast, or cotton wool -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOMBAGIAREsearch for term

a kind of stuff called bombasine made of cotton wool -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOMBASINAsearch for term

A cheap cotton, or cotton and linen fabric, equivalent to fustian. It was regularly used for lining doublets and for interfacing. Bombasina has also been used as the name of a garment made of that fabric (Malaguzzi Valeri, op. cit., p. 225). -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BONETTOsearch for term

a bonnet or cap -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORDAREsearch for term

to border about, to embroider. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORDOsearch for term

a kind of silk stuff woven -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORRAsearch for term

any stuffing for saddles, or other quilting or bombasting -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORRATTOsearch for term

a 'bolting' cloth, a sievea kind of stuff called Burato -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORRICOsearch for term

a kind of quilted waistcoat. Also a frock. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORRIREsearch for term

also to fill or stuff -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORSAsearch for term

a purse, a little bag -Florio's World of Words,1598

A purse, usually attached to the belt. Many were decorated with embroidery, sometimes with pearls or gems. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

Child terms: BORSETTA
BORSETTAsearch for term

a little pouch, a little purse -Florio's World of Words,1598

See BORSA< -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BORSIAsearch for term

a purse, a satchel, a little bag -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORSONEsearch for term

a pouch, a banking bag, a great purse -Florio's World of Words,1598

BORZACHINIsearch for term

buskins, fine boots -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOSIMAsearch for term

a kind of yeast or gum that weavers use to stiffen linen cloth with -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOSIMAREsearch for term

to stiffen linen cloth as weavers do -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOTTINIsearch for term

buskins or thin boots -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOTTONCINIsearch for term

little buttons -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOTTONEsearch for term

a button -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOTTONETTOsearch for term

a little button -Florio's World of Words,1598

BOTTONIsearch for term

Buttons. With the advances in tailoring during the fourteenth century came the use of buttons for fastenings. Whiles being practical, buttons, like ribbons, cords and laces, became important decorative details on garments, sometimes being made of or covered with silk, or of silver or silver-gilt. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

Child terms: MASPILLI
BOTTONIERAsearch for term

a buttonhole or loop hole -Florio's World of Words,1598

BRACAsearch for term

a breech or a slop -Florio's World of Words,1598

BRACATOsearch for term

breeched, having hosen on -Florio's World of Words,1598

BRACCIAsearch for term

an arm, arms. Also a yard or an ell -Florio's World of Words,1598

BRACCIALETTIsearch for term

bracelets, or wristbands -Florio's World of Words,1598

BRACHEsearch for term

all manner of breeches, slops, hosen, venetians -Florio's World of Words,1598

In the fourteenth century, long balloonish versions of these were worn by laughable caricatures in the novelle related by Baccaccio and Sacchetti. As underpants, they are listed in the fifteenth century under entries for panni di gamba. More frequently, however, underpants are referred to as mutande. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

Child terms: BRAGHE
BRAGHEsearch for term

See BRACHE -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BRACHETTAsearch for term

a codpiece -Florio's World of Words,1598

BRAGHETTA search for term

Codpiece; a kind of pouch devised to hide the genitals. Braghette began to be worn at the end of the century as doublets grew shorter and shorter. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BRAGONIsearch for term

great breeches, slops, or hosen -Florio's World of Words,1598

BREDONEsearch for term

A pair of bredoni appears in the letters of Galeazzo Maria Sforza. They are probably pieces which hang down from the back of the shoulders, perhaps vestiges of fuller hanging sleeves. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BROCATELLOsearch for term

thin tinsel, or slight cloth of gold or silver -Florio's World of Words,1598

BROCCAGLIOsearch for term

a bodkin, or pouncing iron -Florio's World of Words,1598

BROCCAMEsearch for term

all manner of clothes (cloths?) of tissue, gold, or silver -Florio's World of Words,1598

BROCCATOsearch for term

cloth of gold or silver. Also cloth of bodkin, or tissue -Florio's World of Words,1598

Brocade, a textile usually made of silk, in which the patterning is introduced with one or more supplementary wefts. In a true brocade, the brocading weft is confined to the area of the pattern where it is needed, and then turns back on itself at the end of a motif, i.e. the patterning weft is not carried across from selvedge to selvedge. In the fifteenth century, the term is used in this strict sense; it rarely appaers on its own as a noun, but qualifies a description of the cloth, e.g. velluto chermisi broccato d'oro e d'argento. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BROCCOsearch for term

a kind of red or yellowish colour -Florio's World of Words,1598

BRUSCHINOsearch for term

A shade of dark red, verging on pavonazzo often used for cioppe. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BUCATIsearch for term

clean, new-washed clothes -Florio's World of Words,1598

BUCHERAMEsearch for term

buckram or calico cloth -Florio's World of Words,1598

BURATTINOsearch for term

a kind of stuff called Burato -Florio's World of Words,1598

BURINOsearch for term

a kind of carving, cutting, or jagging in garments -Florio's World of Words,1598

BUSTOsearch for term

a trunk, a body without a head, a truss. Also a woman's busk. -Florio's World of Words,1598

BUSTO/PETTO search for term

The top part of the main body of the garment, probably referring to the area from shoulder to waist. It was becoming more and more common in the Quattrocento for garments to have the bodice and skirt cut separately. -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500

BERNIAsearch for term

an Irish rug, or mantle, a rug such as women wear. -Florio's World of Words,1598

See SBÉRNIA -Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500