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Synonyms: nutshells
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a mixture used in fermentation of indigo vats. A recipe for weinstein from a 17th c. dyesource is as follows: rnrnTo 6 bucketfuls of water take 4 handfuls of bran, 2 handfuls of glasswort, three handfuls of unslaked and lumpy lime. First bring the water to a boil and then put in the caustic, either 2 pounds of wine lees or 2 pounds of potash or 2 pounds of woad ashes, which one of these three you wish, but the potash must be ground and stirred. Let boil together for one-half hour, and then put in bran and glasswort and then the lime. Let boil again for a quarter of an hour and after it has boiled, still it with a bucket of cold water. Stir it and take the fire away. Let stand for half an hour until it settles. Afterwards strain it off until you reach the cloudy part. Throw (the cloudy part) away. Thus you have the 'Weinstein' as it is called [by indigo dyers]

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Reseda Luteola, creates a brilliant and lasting yellow.

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Isatis tinctoria. The only substantive & lasting source of blue dye in Europe, from Roman times until the introduction of indigo in the late 16th century. Woad leaves were chopped, processed and fermented into woad balls, which were then fermented in vats to obtain the "indigo white" form of indigotin pigment which would bond with fabric. Once the fabric was dipped in and then exposed to air, the oxygen turned the indigo white into the well known "indigo blue". rn

Synonyms: flower of woad
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