Glossary beginning with S

safflowersearch for term

Carthamus tinctorius. A yellow dye can be obtained from the flowers, but it was more frequently used to obtain a brilliant pink.

Synonyms: samfleur, Samfleure
saffronsearch for term
Sal ammoniacsearch for term

ammonium chloride, NH<font size=-1>4</font>Cl

Synonyms: Sal armoniacke, salt Armoniake
saltsearch for term
Saltpetersearch for term

potassium nitrate, KNO3

Synonyms: salt petre
sandalwoodsearch for term
saponariasearch for term

Saponaria officinalis, aka soapwort, aka Bouncing Bet.

Synonyms: soap weed
serratura tinctoriasearch for term
sheepskinsearch for term
shoemaker blackingsearch for term
silksearch for term
silversearch for term
Sinopian earthsearch for term

Sinopian earth apparently had several meanings. The description of Dioscorides (Mat. Med. V, 3) is that of an iron ochre although the term sometimes meant red lead.

skorpiurussearch for term

The Greek word "skorpiurus" was, according to some, a name given to one of a species of sapindaceous plants.

Slaked Limesearch for term

Calcium Hydroxide. Highly alkaline.

soapsearch for term
sootsearch for term
Synonyms: soote
sorrellsearch for term
spikesearch for term
spoonsearch for term
starchsearch for term
statersearch for term

A coin also used as a unit of weight. In Athens, the stater was a tetradrachma (17.2 g), while in Aegina the stater was a didrachma (12.2 g) rn

strawberriessearch for term
Synonyms: Strawberies, strawberry
sulphersearch for term
Synonyms: sulpher vivum
sumachsearch for term

sumach: Young Fustic ( Rhus cotinus). It was used to dye yellow. The tannic acid content also functioned as a mordant when dyeing other colours.