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Madder, or Rubia Tinctorum, is one of the oldest and most widely used indo-european dyes. The color comes from the root and provides an exceedingly long-lasting, color & lightfast red. rnrnMadder was used to create everything from shades of orange through red-purples, with different mordants and supplemental dyes.

Synonyms: grening weede, grening wede, greening weed, grening weede, crap dye, crap die
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Synonyms: acer campestra
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A unit of dry weight measurement. The value of the Attic metretes was 8.6696 gallons

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A Greek unit of measurement, about 1.25 pounds (600 grams). There are 60 minas in a talent.

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misy was either iron or copper pyrites or oxidation products of these (see Pliny, N. H. Book XXXIV, 31).

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A substance used to alter the chemical nature of fabric so as to make it more able to absorb the dye color. Some mordants also alter the color of the dye on the fabric.

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Mucus from the hypobranchial gland of two species, Murex brandaris and Murex trunculus, the former names for Haustellum brandaris and Hexaplex trunculus are used to make the dye Tyrian purple (or royal purple) for use in royal garments.

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Synonyms: muske