Glossary beginning with G

gall nutssearch for term
Synonyms: galls, oak galls, galles, gall nots, nut-gall, gallnut
gentiansearch for term
gessosearch for term
gesso sotilesearch for term
gilosiasearch for term
glasssearch for term
glasswortsearch for term

The glassworts comprise the genus Salicornia of succulent, salt tolerant plants that grow in salt marshes, on beaches, and among mangroves. Glasswort species are native to the United States and Europe. Glassworts are also known as marsh samphire; the term samphire is used for several unrelated species of coastal plant. Burnt glasswort was used in the making of soda for glassmaking.

goats milksearch for term
goldsearch for term
greensearch for term
greene beanessearch for term
greysearch for term
guarnellosearch for term

Guarnello is a kind of cloth made of cotton, but the term is also used to denote a woman's dress made of this material. Pignolato is a sort of cloth made of linen or hemp.

gum ammoniacsearch for term
gum arabicsearch for term
Synonyms: gum
gum tragacanthsearch for term
Synonyms: Dragons bloude
gum-lacsearch for term

a lacquer used to create a dullish red dye.