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Anglicization of the dutch 'facethaut', or fustic. Young fustic (Rhus Cotinus) is the most likely candidate.

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Synonyms: fenygreke
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Most likely the Florentina Iris, source of orris root.

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pulicaria dysenterica.

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A liquid measure used at Florence

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Foli is most likely <i>folium<i>, aka turnsole, popularly used as a redpurple dye by illuminators

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In pre-17th century sources the word fustic referred to "young fustic", or Rhus Cotinus (otherwise known as Venetian Sumac, smoke tree, tanner's sumac, and other names. It was used as a source of tannin for mordanting and for deepening colors, as well as for dyeing a somewhat fugitive yellow. Old Fustic (Morus tinctoria), which paradoxically wasn't used until the 17th century, produces a rich and long-lasting yellow dye and was often added to other dyes to deepen a color.