Glossary beginning with C

camphorsearch for term
Synonyms: camphyre, Camphire
chalcanthumsearch for term

The term "chalcanthum" was used to denote various products of the weathering of iron and copper pyrites and hence was either copper or iron sulfate or mixtures of these salts.

Synonyms: calcothar
chamoissearch for term
Synonyms: shameye, shammoys
Chlorophora tinctoriasearch for term

Old Fustic (Chlorophora tinctoria), a new world dyestuff which paradoxically wasn't used until the 17th century, produces a rich and long-lasting yellow dye and was often added to other dyes to deepen a color. It is not to be confused with Young Fustic (Rhus Cotinus, or Venetian Sumac).

Synonyms: Old Fustic
choenixsearch for term

A unit of measurement for dry goods. The choenix contained nearly a quart (3.28 liters). One Choenix contained four kotylai.

chussearch for term

A unit of weight, equal to approximately 10 pounds. 1 chus was equal to 12 kotylai and three choenices

cinnabarsearch for term
Synonyms: vermilion, ginoper
citrinumsearch for term
ciuetsearch for term
clothsearch for term
comarumsearch for term

Unknown substance, looking for definition.

cornflowerssearch for term
Synonyms: centaurea, corn flowers
cost marysearch for term
cottonsearch for term
crabshellssearch for term
Synonyms: crabbes
crane coloursearch for term
Cream of Tartarsearch for term

Potassium bitartrate. Wine lees heated with potassium carbonate (lye) create cream of tartar, the acid potassium salt of tartaric acid. Cream of tartar is less acidic then tartaric acid.