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berberis vulgaris<

Synonyms: berberis vulgaris, barberries
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Alternate term for hematite.

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Poligonum Aviculare.

Synonyms: blod wort, knot grass, knot-grass
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Synonyms: blew, blewe, watchet, indigo, sky, skye, blu
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Plural "bocali". A unit of liquid measure. It varied from .8 liters in Milan to 1.31 liters in Bologna and 2.36 liters in Rome.

Synonyms: bocali
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Synonyms: bones
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Synonyms: branne water, gruys water, gruis
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Used to dye shades of red, pink & purple. Brazilwood in most dye recipes refers to the indo-asian caesalpinia sappan (aka Sappanwood). All classical, medieval & Renaissance references to brazilwood refer to the sappan variety. rnrnWhen the new world was colonized and a similar tree to sappan found, it too was called brazilwood. "Brazil" became the name of the country where brazilwood was found. Brazilwood's active dyeing property is brasilien. It is a fairly fugitive dyestuff and was often used to supplement madder or kermes reds, to heighten the color.

Synonyms: verzino columbino, verzino, verzino collombino, brasilium, brasill, pernambuco, maria holz
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Rhamnus carthaticus. Buckthorn berries were used extensively in medieval and renaissance times by painters to create "sap green", a yellow-green color. They produce a yellow color when unripe, and a green when ripe.

Synonyms: Sap greene
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