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potassium aluminum sulfate, generic modern dyeing alum.

Synonyms: Alexandrian alum, alumen catinum, alome catinum, allom, allum, roch allom, alumen scabis, alum zucarino, alum zucharino, roch Allom, roche alum, roche Alome, Egyptian Alum, Asian alum, alome, rocke Alome, alunite
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ashes made from burning tartar, or argol. This substance was popular for cleaning. The high proportion of tartar in the ashes results in potassium bitartrate, or cream of tartar, being precipitated when water is mixed with the ashes to form a lye.

Synonyms: calcined tartar, burnt allom, alumen fecis, Alome De fece
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Synonyms: ambergrease, ambergreace
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a red dye produced from the reddish pulp which surrounds the seed of the achiote (Bixa orellana L.). A new world dyestuff that came into use in the 17th c.

Synonyms: Roucou, redoul
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The modern name for wine lees, the dregs of wine which sink to the bottom of the wine vat.

Synonyms: Wine Lees, Tartar of wine, tartar, carter, lyes of wine, lyes of white wine, Tartre of white wine, rawe Tarter
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Orris Root, the root of the Florentina Iris.

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Synonyms: vine ashes, Oake ashes, oak ashes, pot ashes, willow ashes, ash water, ash tree ashes, wee-ashes, ashes of a vyne
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