Glossary beginning with R

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Ralph Abbotsearch for term

Knitted hose for Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Raphe Abuett, Raffe Abuett
Ralph Brokesearch for term
Ralph Hammondsearch for term

Artificer and Capper to Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: Raphael Hammond, Rauf Hammonde, Raphaell Hammonde, Raphaell Hamonde
Ralph Hopesearch for term

Yeoman of the wardrobe of robes of Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Raph Hope, Raffe Hope, Rauf Hoope, Rauff Hope, R. Hope, Raufe Hope, Rauf Hope, Rauffe Hope, Raphe Hope, ralf hoope, raffe hope, raufe hoope
Richard Blountsearch for term
Richard Holtsearch for term
Richard Jeffreysearch for term

Blacksmith to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Richarde Jefferye, Richarde Jeffery, Richarde Gefferye, Rychard Jeffrey, Richarde Jeffrye, Richarde Jeffrerye
Richard Justicesearch for term

Page of the Robes in 1502/1503.

Richard Kyrtonsearch for term
Richard Leesearch for term
Richard Matthewsearch for term

Cutler to Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: Richarde Mathewe, Richard Mathewe
Richard Nightingalesearch for term

Groom of the Robes

Synonyms: Richarde Nightingale
Richard Smithsearch for term
Richard Smythsearch for term

Yeoman of the Robes in 1502. Bought fabric and necessaries for the Wardrobe of Robes.

Robert Adingtonsearch for term

Tailor. (In the wardrobe of Robes, or outsourced?) In 1502 he made jackets, sleeves, kirtles and doublets for the Queen's household.

Robert Carelessearch for term
Robert Devereuxsearch for term

Second Earl of Essex, 1565-1501

Synonyms: Earle of Essex
Robert Dudleysearch for term

Earl of Leicester, Queen Elizabeth's Master of Horse, and her particular confidante during the early part of her reign.

Synonyms: Erle of Leycester
Robert Haylessearch for term
Synonyms: Robrt Hayles
Robert Headsearch for term
Robert Hedsearch for term

Tailor of London. Made two coats of black chamlet for Henry & Edward Courtney. Did this 3 times over the course of 1502-1503.

Robert Johnsonsearch for term

Queen's Tailor in 1502, to Elizabeth of York.

Robert Knollyssearch for term
Synonyms: Robrt Knolls
Robert Lanstonsearch for term

Queen's servant. Bought flannel in 1502.

Robert Machynsearch for term

Tailor to the Queen in 1502. Paid for making a litter covering, cushions for the litter, a gown for the fleming Anne, doublets for footmen, gowns for footmen, gowns for Courteney, gowns, doublets & peticotes for other men, white & green coats for the king's minstrels, dooks & lord of york, & trumpet decorations. Possibly related to Henry Machyn, tailor of london c. 1550.

Synonyms: Robert Machene
Robert Pamplinsearch for term

Brusher of the queen's wardrobe of robes. He was responsible for "dry-cleaning" the robes by airing them out, brushing dirt out of them, and using sweet powder to freshen the scent as well as to possibly remove grease and oil.

Synonyms: Robrt Pamplin, Roberte Pamplyn, Robrte Pamplyn, Roberte Pamplin
Robert Ragdalesearch for term

Tailor to the Queen in 1502. Listed as making petticoats,sheets, gowns, lining gowns, selling canvas, hemming kirtels, making kirtels, making sleeves (all for women). Mending gowns. Making doublets for footmen.

Robert Robothamsearch for term
Robert Sybthorpesearch for term

Farthingale-maker to Queen Elizabeth, 1572-

Synonyms: Roberte Sipthorpe, Robrt Sybthorpe, Robrt Sibthorp, roberte sibthorpe, Robert Sibthorpe, Robrte Sybthorpe, Robrt Sypthorpe, Robert Sibthorp, Robrt Sibthorpe, Robrt Sipthorpe, Robrte Sipthorpe
Robynetsearch for term

The Queen's Broiderer in 1502. Disbursed money to embroiderers in his employ: Anthony, William, James, Johanna (Johne), Margrette Stokes, Johanna (Johne) Pote, John Bolok.

Roger Earlsearch for term

Brusher and cleaner of the clothing of Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Roger Erle, Roger Earle
Roger Mountaguesearch for term

Haberdasher to her majesty queen elizabeth. A relation, possibly a son, of Alice Mountague, silkwoman to the queen in earlier decades. As Elizabeth's reign continues, Mountague became responsible for delivering more and more silks, ribbons, gloves, garters, etc. to the wardrobe of robes, queen's embroiderers and cappers, wardrobe of beds and stables, and to the ladies of the privy chamber.

Roger Pelesearch for term
Roland Wintersearch for term
Synonyms: Rowlande Winter
Ruttesearch for term

Cordwainer to the Queen in 1502. Made buskins & shoes for the queen, her footmen, and the Maundy poor women.