Glossary beginning with L

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Lady Annesearch for term

Could be Anne White, Anne Percy, Anne Knolls or Anne Saye; all are referenced in Queen Elizabeth's accounts

Lady Carewsearch for term
Synonyms: Ladye Caro, Ladye Carewe, Lady Caro, Carowe, Lady Carowe
Lady Cobhamsearch for term

Lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Ladye Cobham
Lady Leightonsearch for term
Synonyms: Ladye Leighton
Lady Lislesearch for term
Lady Lislesearch for term
Lady Rutlandsearch for term
Lady Ryngeleysearch for term
Lady Scudamoresearch for term

Lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Mrs. Skydmore
Lady Sidneysearch for term
Synonyms: Ladye Sydney
Leonard Smythsearch for term
Lord Lislesearch for term
Lord Sandyssearch for term
Lorde Cobhams sonsearch for term
Synonyms: lorde Cobham’s sonne, lorde Cobhams Sonne, lo Cobham’s Son
Lucrezia de' Tedeschisearch for term

An Italian Dancer at the court of Queen Elizabeth. Probably the same "Lucretia the dancing maid" mentioned in Queen Mary's household records in 1547

Synonyms: Lucretia the Italian
Lucy Hydesearch for term
Synonyms: Lucie Hide, luce Hide
Lucy Morgansearch for term
Synonyms: Luce Morgan
Lucy Russellsearch for term

Daughter of Sir John Harington of Exton and Anne Kelway. She married Edward Russell, Earl of Bedford, in 1594 to become the Countess of Bedford.

Synonyms: Lucye Harrington