Glossary beginning with J

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

James Hughessearch for term

Provided linen to the Royal Warderobe.

Synonyms: James Hewishe, James Hewer, James Hewes, James Huishe, James Heuishe
Jane Bassettsearch for term
Synonyms: Jane Basset
Jane Brussellssearch for term

Gentlewoman of the Privy Chamber and of the Bedchamber. Born 1543 to Francis Hawk and Barbara Hawk, both of whom served under Mary I. Married to (unknown) Brussells in 1566, second marriage after 1589 to William Hennage.

Synonyms: Jane Bressels, Jane Brysells, jane Bryzells, jane Brusells, Jane Bruzells, Jane Bryssells, Jane Brizells, Jane Bressills
Jehan de Moucheausearch for term
Jehan des Gardinssearch for term
Jenins Sohiersearch for term
Joan Westsearch for term
Synonyms: Jeane West, Joane Weste, Joane West
John a Boroughsearch for term
John Atkinsonsearch for term
John Aylandesearch for term

Cutler to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: John Eylande, John Ayland, Jon Aylande
John Baeon of Mappletonsearch for term
John Bassetsearch for term
John Batesearch for term

Farthingale-maker to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, from ? to 1572

John Bekynsawsearch for term
John Benoltsearch for term
John Bradishsearch for term

Cloth-seller to the Great Warderobe of Queen Elizabeth. Specialized primarily in linen fabrics.

Synonyms: John Bradishe
John Bridgessearch for term

Yeoman of the Wardrobe of Beds in 1562

John Buschesearch for term
John Cheritonsearch for term
John Coopesearch for term

Tailor of london specializing in upholstery. Provided chair coverings & cushions & drapery to the royal wardrobe in 1502.

John Davysearch for term
John FortescueJohn Fortescuesearch for term

Master of the Great Warderobe

Synonyms: John Forteskewe
John Greensearch for term
Synonyms: John Grene
John Grenvillesearch for term
John Haywardsearch for term

Skinner & furrier. Sewed furs into gowns & provided furs for the British Royal Wardrobe in 1502.

John Henleysearch for term

Sadler of London. In 1502, he provided the Royal Wardrobe with numerous hooks and eyes.

John Huseesearch for term
John Nortonsearch for term
John Parrsearch for term

Embroiderer to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: John Parre
John Perpowntesearch for term
John Raynorsearch for term

One of Queen Elizabeth I's Yeomen of the Wardrobe in 1560

Synonyms: John Reynor
John Robinsonsearch for term

Embroidered linen smocks for Queen Elizabeth in 1592

John Roynonsearch for term

Groom of Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe of Robes

John Skutsearch for term
John Smithsonsearch for term

Master cook to Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: John Smytheson, John Smitheson, John Smythson
John Smythsearch for term
John Stauntonsearch for term

Groom of the Queen's Chamber for Elizabeth of York in 1502. He buys fabric and has a coat made for the Queen's fool.

John Tamworthsearch for term
Synonyms: John Tamworthe, John Thomworth, John Tamwoorth
John wardsearch for term
John Westsearch for term

Yeoman tailor of the wardrobe of robes

Synonyms: John Weste
John Winyardsearch for term

Keeper of the Queen's Wardrobe at Hampton Court

Synonyms: John Wynneyarde, John Wynyard, John Wynyarde, John Whynneyarde, John Whynneyard, John Wyneyarde
John Wittonsearch for term
John Worthsearch for term