Glossary beginning with H

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Henry Bryansearch for term

Mercer of London. Provided fabrics to the Royal Wardrobe in 1502: satin, sarcanet, velvet, buckram, damask, canvas.

Henry Comptonsearch for term
Henry Hernesearch for term

Hosier to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: Henrye Herne, Henry Horne, Henry Hern
Henry Sackfordsearch for term
Synonyms: Henry Sackefourde, Henrye Sackeforde, Henry Sackeforde, Henry Sackforde
Henry VIIIsearch for term
Hoyden the foolesearch for term
Hugh Cook, Abbot of Readingsearch for term
Humphrey Adderleysearch for term

Groom of the Wardrobe of Robes

Synonyms: Homfrey Adderley
Hyppolita the Tartariansearch for term
Synonyms: Ipolita the Tartarian