Glossary beginning with F

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Frances Bridges nee Clinton, Baroness ChandosFrances Bridges nee Clinton, Baroness Chandossearch for term

Mother of Elizabeth Bridges, Lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth; Daughter of Elizabeth Clinton, Lady-in-waiting to Catherine Parr.

Synonyms: Barones Shandowes, Barronnes Chandoes, Barrones Shandoyes, Lady Shandowes, Barrones Shandowes, Frances Bridges, Frances Brydges, Francis Bridges, Francis Brydges, Frances Clinton, Baroness Chandos
Frances Higginssearch for term
Synonyms: Frauncs Huggens, Fraunces Huggen, Francis Higgins
Francis Drurysearch for term
Synonyms: Frauncs Drurye
Francis Howardsearch for term

Lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: Fraunces Howarde, Franncis Howarde, Fraunces Haward, Frauncis Howarde, Francis Howarde, Frauncs Haward
Francis Johnsonsearch for term
Synonyms: Frauncis Johynson
Francis Popesearch for term

Clothier supplying the Wardrobe of Robes.

Synonyms: Frauncis Pope
Francis Vaughnsearch for term
Synonyms: Fraunces Vaughan