Glossary beginning with E

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Earl of Leicestersearch for term
Earl of Warwicksearch for term
Synonyms: therle of Warwick
Edith Bridemansearch for term
Synonyms: Edithe Brideman
Edmond Calvertsearch for term

Page of the Queen's Chamber. Bought buckram & canvas & travelled to retrieve various wardrobe articles of the Queen's in 1502.

Synonyms: Edmond Calverd
Edmund Lindseysearch for term

Trumpeter to Queen Elizabeth in 1562

Synonyms: Edmonde Linsey
Edmund Pigeonsearch for term

Clerk of Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe of Robes

Synonyms: Edmnde Pigeon, Edmonde Pygeon, Edmunde Pigeon
Edmund Tilneysearch for term

Master of Queen Elizabeth's revels and entertainments.

Edmunde Schettssearch for term
Synonyms: Edmunde Schettz
Edward Bakersearch for term
Synonyms: Edwarde Baker
Edward Corbettsearch for term
Edward Cusworthsearch for term
Synonyms: Edwarde Cuzeworthe
Edward Lord Nupersearch for term
Edward Lovellsearch for term
Edward Russellsearch for term
Eleanor Bridgessearch for term

Chamberer to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Elener Bridges
Elizabeth Bone search for term

Daugher of Guilliam Bone, Queen Elizabeth's coachman. Married Francis Green, a servant of the queen, in 1596.

Synonyms: Elizabeth Gilliam, Elizabth Guillam, Elizabeth Bowne, Mrs. Bowne, Elizabeth Boune
Elizabeth Brooksearch for term
Synonyms: Elizabeth Brooke
Elizabeth Dannettsearch for term
Elizabeth Drurysearch for term
Synonyms: Elizabeth Drurye, Ladye Drurye, lady druri
Elizabeth Garrettsearch for term
Elizabeth Howardsearch for term
Synonyms: Elizabeth Howarde
Elizabeth Knollyssearch for term

Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth. Responsible for making scarves

Synonyms: Elizabeth Knowll, Elyzabeth Knolls, Elizabeth Knolles, Elizabeth Knowlls, Mrs Knolls, Elizabith Knolls, Elizabeth Knolls
Elizabeth Marberysearch for term

Lady of the Privy Chamber.

Synonyms: E[lizabeth] Marbery, Elizabethe Marbery, Elizabeth Marberye, Elyzabeth Marbry
Elizabeth Rogerssearch for term
Elizabeth Sandssearch for term
Elizabeth Shelley (Abbess of St. Mary's)search for term
Elizabeth Simsearch for term
Elizabeth Smithsonsearch for term

Laundress to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Elizabeth Smythson, Elizabeth Smytheson
Elizabeth Staffordsearch for term

Lady of the Privy Chamber.

Synonyms: Elizabeth Stafforde
Elizabeth Veresearch for term
Synonyms: Elizabethe Vere
Elizabeth Wingfieldsearch for term

Gentlewoman of the Privy Chamber and Mother of the Maids from 1597 to 1600. She was born in 1530 to Ralph Leake and Elizabeth Leake. She married Anthony Wingfield in 1562.

Synonyms: Elizabeth Wyngfeld, Elizabeth Wingefilde, E wingfelde, Mrs. Wyngfield, Mrs. Wingfeilde, Mrs. Wingefeld
Ellen Webbsearch for term
Synonyms: Ellin Webbe
Elys Hiltonsearch for term

Groom of the Wardrobe of Robes in 1502. rnDuties: buying fabric (reimbursed later), making gowns & buying ready made clothing, working on saddles, moving the queen's gowns to the Tower, Richmond & Greenwich. Delivering items made by others to their recipients.

Emma Snowsearch for term
Synonyms: Emme Snowe