Glossary beginning with D

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Dan Nicholas Clementsearch for term
David Smithsearch for term

Embroiderer to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: David Smythe, David Smyth
Denis O'Roughansearch for term

An Irish Priest involved in the political disputes culminating in the Tyrone Rebellion. Imprisoned for a time in Dublin Castle, and brought to England for Questioning by the Privy Council.


Synonyms: Denis Roughand, Dennis Roughand
Diggory Grenvillesearch for term
Dorothy Abbingtonsearch for term

Lady of the Privy Chamber.

Synonyms: Dorothey Habingdon, Dorothy Habington, Dorothey Habington, Dorothy Abington
Dorothy Broadbeltsearch for term
Dorothy Dalesearch for term
Synonyms: Dorothey Dale
Douglas Howardsearch for term

Maid of Honor to Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: Douglas Hawarde
Duke John Casimirsearch for term
Synonyms: Duke Cassemeere