Glossary beginning with B

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Blaunche Parrysearch for term

Lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Blanche Pary, Blannche Pary, Blaunche Parye, Blaunche Pary, Blaunche aparrie, Blanche Apary, Blanche Appary, Blanch Pary
Bluemantlesearch for term

Pursuivant to Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Blewemantel
Brian O'Rourkesearch for term

Irish lord involved in the discontent culminating in the Tyrone Rebellion.


Synonyms: Brian Orworke
Bridget Choworthsearch for term

A gentlewoman of the privy chamber. Her married name was Bridget Carr. Her parents were John Choworth and Mary Paston. She married William Carr in 1584 and was the mother of Bridget Carr.

Synonyms: Bridgett Choworth, Bridgett Choworthe, Bridgett Carre
Bridget Mannerssearch for term
Synonyms: Bridgett Manners