Glossary beginning with A

A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.

Adam Blandsearch for term

Skinner and furrier to her majesty Queen Elizabeth

Synonyms: Adam Blande, Adame Blande
Alexander Aylmersearch for term
Alice Montaguesearch for term

Silkwoman & haberdasher--supplier to the Robes & Queen Elizabeth's ladies in waiting

Synonyms: Alice Mountague, Alice Monntegue
Alice Smithsearch for term

Silkwoman who did work for the Royal Wardrobe in 1562

Synonyms: Alice Smythe
Ambrose Smythsearch for term
Amias Pauletsearch for term

Born 1533. Son of Hugh Paulet and Phillipa Pollard. Married Margaret Harvey in 1555, father of Elizabeth Paulet. Ambassador to France 1576-1579, privy councellor 1585, Knight Chancellor of the Order of the Garter in 1588. Died 1588.

Synonyms: Amyas Pawlett, Amyas Pawlet
Amy Sheltonsearch for term
Synonyms: Amye Shelton
Anne Bassetsearch for term
Anne Drurysearch for term
Synonyms: Anne Drurye
Anne Knollyssearch for term

Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth I

Synonyms: Anne Knolls, Ann Knolls
Anne Nortonsearch for term
Anne Percysearch for term

Lady Anne Percy was a queen's gentlewoman to Elizabeth of York. She is referenced as buying linen for reimbursement in the Privy Purse Accounts of 1502. She was in attendence from at least June to Dec, 1502; she had an annuity of 20 pounds per year. She was the daughter of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland.

Anne Sayesearch for term

Gentlewoman to the Queen. (Chamberer?) She made smocks for the queen, for which she was reimbursed in money. She was also reimbursed for linen and fustian bought for the royal wardrobe. There's a reference in the York Privy Purse accounts to the wardrobe providing a kirtle, hose and shoes for her.

Anne Twistsearch for term

Queen Elizabeth I's laundress

Synonyms: Anne Twiste, Anne Twyst
Anne Whitesearch for term
Anthoinette de Saveusessearch for term
Anthony Silversearch for term
Antony Barkersearch for term
Antony Pickeringsearch for term
Arthur Middletonsearch for term

Queen Elizabeth's Embroiderer.

Synonyms: Arther Middleton, Arther Myddelton, Arther Myddleton, Arthure Myddleton, Arthure Middleton
Arundelsearch for term
Synonyms: Arundell