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Allison's Spanish Glossary
Primarily intended to facilitate synonym searching on colors. (Search for blue and find citations including "indigo", "watchet" and "sky color"; search for brown, and find citations including "fillemot" and "tristemin", etc.)
Cooking Terms
French Costume & Textile Terms
French terms for costume and textile, taken from Cotgrave and other sources
Jenn's Spanish garb dictionary
A list of people referenced in the various works and citations in Citesearch.
Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
Dictionary of costume terms for Renaissance costume.
Renaissance Dyeing Terms
Renaissance Italian Costuming Glossary
A collection of Renaissance Italian Clothing & textile terms from a variety of sources, including: Florio's Worlde of Wordes or Most copious and exact Dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by John Florio, 1598 (webbed at ) and glossary terms from Jacqueline Herald's Dress in Renaissance Italy 1400-1500.
Scots Costume and Textile Terms
Words for 16th c. Textile Terms in the Scots Language. Much of the content was obtained from the online Dictionary of the Scots Language (