• An Inventorie of all the Golde and sylver plate, jewells, apparell, and warderobe stuffe, with the ffuniture of Stable Armorie and all other implements of householde belonging to the right honorable William Earle of Penbroke: vewed at the comaundement of the seyd Earle, by the L. Harbert of Cardys his sonne, John Hownde, William Jordan, John Dysteley Morgan Lloyd Servante to the seyd Earle the xiith of December Anno Dmi 1561. Regni Elizabethe Regine quarto.

    An Inventory of all suche apparell, ffurres and jewelles as be in the chardge of Thomas Gregory the xvii of August anno dom 1562

    Author: Anon
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1562
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD



Three paier of white buskins of Spanishe leather whereof twoo paier trymmed with white velvett on the topps.

Item a paier of white buskins over worne.

Item a paier of buskins of spanishe leather the black graine side owtewarde trymmed about with black velvett.

Item ii paier of buskins of the same sorte overworne

Item iiii paier of black frised buskins of Spanishe leather trymmed about with black leather velvett.

Botes, Bootehose, and Spurres

First ii paier of bootes made at Sap thone paire lined with purple taffata and thother paier with tawny velvett, thone for winter and thother for somer.

Item a paier of winter bootes lined with blewe velvett.

Item a paier of Somer boots Lyned with crymsen taffata.

Item a paire of bootehose of carnacion kersey trymmed above with crymsen velvett & blewe silke and silver lace, with iii buttons and iii loopes of blewe silke and silver.

Item a paier of bootehose of Skarlett trymmed with crimson velvett Laied on with silver lace and buttons of wite silke and silver.

Item a pier of linen bootehoose with v. parchement lace of golde on the topps.

Item a paire of lynen bootehose with iii lace of silver fringed on every side with golde.

Item an olde paier of lynen bootehose with three laces of black silke and silver on the topps.

Item a paier of bootehose of crimsen silke knitte with iii lace of crimsen silke and golde on the topps.

Item a paire of boothose of lynen and Russett taffata with iii laces on the topps of Russett silke and golde.

Item iii paier gilte spurres whereof one paier trymed with velvett and thother with leather.

Item a paier of white spurres trymmed with velvett.

Item a paier of boots of spanishe Leather furred with lambe with viii gilte buckelles to the same.

Item ii paier of boots of spanishe leather plaine furred with white lambe.

Item ii paier of white bootes.