About Drea Leed

I have studied historic costume for a number of years, specializing in 16th century costume.

I have presented papers at the International Congress of Medieval Studies and other medieval conferences, and lectured for several re-enactment groups and renaissance faires on the topic of 16th century costume. I am also a teacher at The Costume Classroom. If you are interested in having me give a seminar or speak at a particular event, please email me.

I have recently published a book, The Well-Dress'd Peasant: 16th Century Workingwoman's Dress. I have published articles in Renaissance magazine and other periodicals on various topics relating to historic costume, and have an article in the forthcoming DISTAFF publication on costume and textile history. My current areas of research include sixteenth and seventeenth century masque and revels costume, 16th century wardrobe accounts, the 16th century tailoring industry and renaissance dye recipes.

I currently live in Springfield, OH with my husband and cat, where I work as a software engineer to support my research and costume book-collecting habits.

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